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We are accepting, erotic romances in all genres. We are also on a limited bases accepting Young Adult. We do not accept children's books. We are an over 18 site. We do on only reviews of other things like coloring books, and poetry. But you would not see the review here. Ask when inquiring about that feature we have.

The Goal of Redz World Reviews is honest, fair, and positive reviewing.

We reserve the right to not review any book for any reason.   We do not give grades lower than three stars.  If we cannot give a three we give the book back as well.
We do not take responsibility of the content of author's books.  We accept all books on a good faith policy. We are only reading the content we are provided with. If the book is an unedited ARC the author or publishing house must tell us this before, not after the book is reviewed.

A Stardust Award is our Highest award.  The reviewer thinks your book is one of the best they have ever read.

 The reviewer was really impressed with your book. They wanted to give it an award. A Shining Star can go to ANY book no matter what the rank the reviewer gives the book.

To get a review

Send a Blurb of your book to  Also include the buy link.  If someone wants the book, you will be asked to send .mobi or pdf of your novel.

We will do blog tours, email for more information.

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