Thursday, December 3, 2020

Secret Daddy by J.R. Gray


Title:  Secret Daddy

Author:  J.R. Gray

Publisher:  Gray Books

Genre and Pairing:  MM Contemporary,

Reviewer Name: Redz

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Publisher Blurb

I hadn’t admitted to myself that my life was going nowhere until I first had him.

Living back in my small mountain town, in my childhood home, with my older brother, working at the library wasn’t as exciting as I imagined.

That was until a stranger came to the library one night and turned my world around.

Night after night, month after month, I waited for him after dark.

He never let me see his face but he always showed me how well he knew me. No one had ever read my needs so well or pushed me so far and I was in too deep before I even knew who he was.

I just called him Daddy. 




Secret Daddy by author J.R. Gray is a hot and steamy holiday romance.  This story is written in dual POV and really helps getting into the mindset of both of these men. 

Aiden, I love his bratty nature. He thrives on fear of being caught, he likes the uncertainty, the unknown of it all.   He is a boy who thinks he has just found his perfect Daddy.

Jensen:  He is Aiden’s brother’s best friend. He has grown up with Aiden.  He is also a park ranger.  He is a fighter. He is not willing to give up Aiden very easily. He knows Aiden is it for him. He is willing to do what it takes to keep him.

I love a good friend to lovers’ story and this one is that with the Daddy/Boy thrown in.  this one made me laugh as well. It is a steamy fun read. I am not big on holiday romance but this one is very well done.

                     Five Shooting Stars

Exposed by E. Davies


Title:  Exposed

Series:  Dom Nation, 1

Author: E.Davies

Publisher:  E. Davies

Genre and Pairing:  MM Contemporary, BDSM

Reviewer Name: Redz

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Publisher Blurb

I can handle a boy for one night, but I can’t hand over my heart again.

By day, I make cupcakes. By night, I make boys beg for my firm hand. When Slate stumbles into my life, I’m captivated. He’s twenty years older, clueless about the scene, and he bulldozes the walls I’ve built to contain my primal urges.

I live my life as two halves of a broken man. But if Slate is my boy, can I be whole at last?

I wish I could find a Daddy who loves every part of me, but I’m haunted by my mistakes.

The first Dom I served broke my spirit. The second might break my heart. Rex mends my scars and shows me what I’ve always longed for. I could belong to him if he’d let me in. Instinct tells me to run from Rex’s wolfish grin, yet I can’t stay away.

Daddy gives me what I want. But what if I need Rex to chase me?

Exposed is a standalone, hurt/comfort MM romance with no cheating or cliffhangers. It contains BDSM themes including primal play, a first-timer in a kink club, humiliation, a younger Dom and older sub... and lots and lots of feels on the way to a guaranteed HEA.




Exposed is the first book in the Dom Nation series by author E. Davies.  This story is told in dual POV that style really fits this story.  In this story, we have an older sub and a much younger Dom.  I really liked these two men. They each seem to have what the other needs.

Slate:  he has been abused and thrown away by his former Dom.  He usually is a private person, but he wants to explore this part of himself. Is he really into submission?  He has to find out

I love Slate. He is brave and strong he just doesn’t know it yet.

Rex:  he is a Dom. He also owns a bakery that is right next to the club.  He is a born Dominate. He loves to take care of people and give them what they need. He might be 24 but he has an old soul.

There were some holes in this story.  But for me I could overlook them because this is a series I want to see more of. I loved this love story and want more.  I cannot wait for the next book in the series.

                      Five Shooting Stars 

Endangered Species by Onley James


Title: Endangered Species

Series:  Time Served, 1

Author:  Onley James

Publisher:  Scorpius Rising LLC

Genre and Pairing:  MM Contemporary

Reviewer Name: Redz

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Publisher Blurb

  After spending his formative years in an abusive home, NICHOLAS WEBSTER has made a pretty good life for himself. He has friends, a lucrative job with Elite Protection Services, and a side gig that lets him help out those escaping the same abusive home situation he left behind. But no matter how many people he helps, he can’t escape the guilt over the one person he didn’t—his step-brother, Cyrus.

CYRUS WHITAKER has spent the last twenty years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, put there by the very person he vowed to protect. On the inside, he’s made strides to better himself so he can have a future on the outside. But just when he thinks there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, he receives a new cellmate—the boy who put him away all those years ago.

In trying to make things right, Webster has triggered a series of events that will ruin both their lives, or worse, end them. Somebody has framed him and sent him to a prison where they hope Cy’s need to get even will get rid of Webster for good. But they don’t know Cyrus or the bond they shared. A bond they still share. But can Webster figure out who’s doing this to them and why before Cyrus is forced to choose between hurting the one person he loves or spending his life in a cage?

ENDANGERED SPECIES is the first book in the Time Served Series and is a spin-off of the Elite Protection Services Series. It contains an HEA and no cliffhangers.



Endangered Species by author, Onley James is the first book in the Time Served series.  This book is written in dual POV and works for this particular story.   I had a few issues with this story.  I also loved parts of this story.

Cyrus has always protected Nicky. He is honorable and strong.

Nicky has been through hell and back, he starts out very innocent and sweet.  He gets much darker with all that has happened to him.

I loved these two together they were good for each other.  What I was not a fan of in this story is the author constantly changing what she was calling the characters. I get sometimes first names sometimes last names. For me I wished they stuck to one and then I would have gotten the idea more.

Also, there are elements thrown into this story that are not explained?  Dunno if in future books we will get more of an explanation of the world we are in and how it works. But it is much needed in this story.

So, for me a good read, but needs more work. I hope that book two explains somethings I missed in this story.

 Four twinkling Stars 


Sunday, November 29, 2020

Outlaw by Kiki Burrelli


Title: Outlaw

Series: Wolves of Royal Paynes 4

Author: Kiki Burrelli

Publisher: Burrelli Books

Genre: MM, Contemporary, paranormal

Reviewer: Redz

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Publisher’s Blurb

Heartbroken. Betrayed. Alpha.

Diesel didn’t only lose his pack in the hellfire explosion that turned the people he loved into ash, he lost his future omega as well. The only human among them, Quinlan had joined their pack as a child and through the years Diesel was his constant companion, protector, and best friend. Because of the difference in their ages, Diesel insisted they waited until Quinlan was a little older, until the gap between their years didn’t matter quite so much before he claimed Quinlan truly.

He never got the chance.

Now, Diesel has watched his pack mates find their omegas knowing he’ll never have what his brothers have. He’ll never hold his omega, never kiss or tease him just to see the blush color his cheeks. He had his treasure, and failed to protect him. Quinlan was everything that was good in the world and trying to live without him is like trying to live without a heart. But Diesel is still an alpha, still partly responsible for the fragile—yet flourishing—pack that has assembled around them, despite the alpha team’s best efforts to cling to the past and care only about revenge.

When an old face becomes a new enemy, Diesel and his alpha team are once again racing to save everything they hold dear. Betrayed by someone they’d once called leader, the Royal Paynes pack has never been in more danger. Portal wants nephilim blood to open a gate to hell and there won’t be puppies and kittens waiting on the other side. Before the pack can figure out how to hold hell back, the alphas must deal with the traitor once and for all—and face the terrifying weapon he possesses. A weapon that has the power to change everything.

Good vs. evil. Heaven vs. hell. Diesel already failed to save his pack once, and now, he’s expected to save the world?

Outlaw is the fourth and final book in the Wolves of Royal Paynes series. It is an action-packed, magically-infused, swelteringly hot, mpreg romance that continues a world of angels, demons, shifters, mystery, and magic. For maximum enjoyment, this series should be read in order.



Outlaw by author Kiki Burrelli is the 4th and final book in the Royal Paynes series.  I loved this emotional gut wrenching read so much. This story is told in dual POV. I think it is necessary that that style was used.  There is so much going on inside the character’s minds we needed to know it too. This series should be read in order.  This is a wrap-up to a series I never wanted to let go of.

I usually do not comment in a review about a book cover. But this one really spoke to me. I loved the artwork it is beautiful and makes me want to read the story more.

Diesel  Quinlan has always been his top priority, if the boy was in trouble he was there to bail him out. When it starts to become more Diesel puts a stop to it. He wants Quinlan to have experiences like every other kid his age and not be tied down. 

He thought they would have time for romance later.

Quinlan. He is determined, always getting into trouble, and not afraid to go after what he wants or this case who he wants.  He is young but he knows his own mind.  He was carefree before being taken and tortured. Now he is dark, moody, and doesn’t trust anyone not even himself anymore.

I really enjoyed this story. It has action, adventure, beautifully written memorable characters and a sweet ending that will make you smile.

                           Five Shooting Stars 


The Vet's Christmas Familiar by TJ Nichols


Title: The Vet’s Christmas Familiar

Series: Familiar Mates, 4

Author: TJ Nichols

Publisher: TJ Nichols

Genre: MM, Contemporary, paranormal

Reviewer: Redz

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Publisher’s Blurb


Wounded and left for dead, Kit Linfield is stuck in his hawk form.

A Christmas Eve flight with his family turns to slaughter when the hawks are fired upon. Kit played dead, but he needs help, or he’ll die. He wants to live to have vengeance.

Errol Hart is spending Christmas alone for the first time since his divorce. When a badly wounded hawk is delivered to his care, it’s the first animal that Errol can’t talk to. The hawk is so badly injured Errol isn’t sure it will survive. But the way it looks at him, like it understands every word…

While he’s healing, Kit falls for the vet...but will Errol want him when he’s human?

For readers who like fated mates and small town gay romance.



The Vet’s Christmas Familiar by author TJ Nichols is the 4th book in the Familiar Mates series. I have not read the books in order and I was not lost at all.   I found this story to be heartbreaking and sweet at the same time.

Kit is an Eagle shifter. He is not keen on shifting. He normally does not unless like today his family makes it a special thing and he has no way out of doing it.  When he sees his entire family shot by hunters, he becomes stuck in his shifter form.  Wounded and in need of help he bravely goes searching for it.

Kit might be young, but he is smart and so brave. I just wanted to hug him and tell him everything was going to be okay.

Errol is a vet. His magic allows him to talk to animals. When Kit is brought to him stuck in his shifter form at first Errol cannot understand why they cannot communicate.  He wants to do what is best for Kit but how can he if he cannot talk to him?

Errol is a kind soul. His kindness shines throughout this story. He is a perfect match for Kit.

Overall a great story with memorable characters. I am looking forward to more from this series in the future.

 Five Shooting Stars



Friday, November 27, 2020

The Hookup and the Hedonist by Rebecca James


Title: The Hookup and the Hedonist

Series: The Hedonist Series,8

Author: Rebecca James

Publisher: Rebecca James

Genre: MM, Contemporary

Reviewer: Redz

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Publisher’s Blurb

Book 8, final book in the Hedonist Series.

Can I even be called a biker when I can’t ride anymore?

Four years ago, Adam Gamble suffered a head injury that left him with sporadic absence seizures that have limited his autonomy. Hating how much he’s come to rely on his club brothers, Adam decides to move out of the clubhouse.
After failing to rekindle a past relationship, NYPD detective Tyson McCormick is wary of getting into another one anytime soon. An unexpected lunchtime hookup is just what he needs, but afterward, he can’t seem to get Adam out of his mind.
When the two start seeing each other, Adam worries that once he tells Tyson about his condition, things will change between them. Both men want to take things slow, but sometimes love has other ideas. 



The Hookup and the Hedonist is the 8th book in the Hedonist series by author Rebecca James. This story is told in dual POV I feel this POV is really needed in this story.  There is a ton going on in each character’s mind.  You do need to read this story in order. Other wise Adam’s injuries will not make a ton of sense to you.

Adam is a Hedonist biker. He cannot bike anymore cause he has a head injury that has left him with seizures.  They can be spacing off or sometimes worse.   He hates it when people know they treat him like he is made of glass.  When we meet him is moving out of Tease’s place so Tease can have more time with his girlfriend.

Adam is a good man. He is strong and very brave.

Tyson is a police officer. He has a ton of family and trust issues. But something about Adam calls to him.

I loved Tyson he is open to things and very much a kindhearted soul.

Overall, these men are better together.  I loved this addition to this series for me it is the best so far. It is a great wrap up to an amazing series. 

                      Five Shooting stars 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Alien and the Wedding Planner by Lizzie Lynn Lee


Title:  Alien and the Wedding Planner

Author:  Lizzie Lynn Lee

Publisher:   Lizzie Lynn Lee

Genre and Pairing:  Sci-fi and M/F

Page Count:  145 pages

Reviewer Name: Luna

Publisher Buy Link:

Publisher Blurb 

It was just one of those days...

After catering a particularly difficult bridezilla, successful wedding planner Alana Watson can't wait for the wedding season to be over. Or at least, she hopes to get a reasonable client. That is why she's excited when a pair of insanely gorgeous men come to her shop for a consultation. But no, they aren't a couple and they ask weird questions. Things escalate when one of them decides to kidnap her and bring her to his home planet . . .

This alien feeling in the alien's heart

Lord Ice Silverkiller is a renowned scientist on his home planet, Crimea. His planet is dying and it seems his people don't want to procreate. His emperor orders him to find a solution. Ice and his crew then embark on the first expedition to Earth. They want to know the secret behind the humans' explosive population growth. But when he sees Alana, science is the farthest thing in his mind.

And the chemical reaction between them is sizzling

Like other Crimeans, Ice is even-tempered and relies on logic rather than his heart. But there's nothing logical about this crazy urge to possess this curvalicious human female named Alana. Suddenly, he is hit by all kind of feelings he's never experienced before. To make love to her. Always worry about her. To protect her and keep her safe. To make her his. Ice wonders if he finally feels what the humans called love? Because this newfound love and Alana might be the keys to save their dying race...


Ice is determined to save his race and if studying humans will do it then study he will.  He meets Alana with her fiery emotions and human way.  Will she save him or spell his doom?

I really enjoyed Alien and the Wedding Planner by Lizzie Lynn Lee.  Alana doesn’t know what brought Ice into her place of business and she definitely believes he is missing a few screws but waking to find herself on a ship isn’t quite how she expected her day to end.  I loved that Ms. Lee allowed Alana to see the good in Ice.  In spite of their beginning, he becomes a familiar face that gives her comfort…and a bit more.  I enjoyed seeing Ice reconnect with his feelings.  I loved seeing Ice distracted by Alana and seeing her put her guard down and allowing herself to learn about Ice as a person.

This story by Ms. Lee is an enjoyable quick read. I loved seeing both Ice and Alana accept their growing feelings and the hope for their world that has become Alana’s new home.  I hope Ms. Lee will return to this world and show us a future filled with love and hope.


                             Five Shooting Stars