Friday, November 20, 2020

Recommended Read: Expensive by Amy Bellows


Title: Expensive

Author: Amy Bellows

Publisher: Amy Bellows

Genre and Pairing:  MM paranormal age gap daddy boy romance

Reviewer: Redz

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Publisher’s Blurb

All ice dragon shifters have a fated mate. But Andrew was never allowed to find his. At eighteen, he was forced to bond with a rich seventy-year-old man.

Now that man is dead and Andrew is unable to bond to anyone else. He’s never felt so alone.

Timber has worked as a professional Daddy Dom for over ten years when his agent comes to him with an unusual proposition. An omega from New York needs a hired knot, and he’s willing to pay an exorbitant sum. The contract comes with a picture of a beautiful man and a list of demands that are so in line with Timber’s personal interests, it’s uncanny.

At the end of the list is a nervous request:

“I’d like you to call me ‘baby boy.’ If you wouldn’t mind.”

Timber can’t refuse a request like that.

'Expensive' is a gritty D/s love story set in the omegaverse with age play, hurt/comfort, and MPreg of the dragon egg variety. It was previously released as a short story. This version has an additional 30,000 words.

While 'Expensive' is set in the same world as the Heron Manor series, it stands alone. 




Expensive by author Amy Bellows is an emotional, age gap, daddy/ boy romance. I loved the angst in this book and the emotional connection.  This story is told in dual POV which helped me get into the mindset of both characters.

Andrew is an Ice Dragon. He has been through a lot due to his family taking advantage of him. He has been cursed to have a bond ache and never have a bonded. He hoards books and loves a certain sexy porn star.

Timber has been through the wringer literally. He is a red wolf and protective of those he cherishes. He might be a porn star but he would never do anything to force anyone to do anything.  He is a Daddy and proud.  

I adored Timber. I would love to see red wolves explored more. I think there is potential for a lot of emotions and love with that storyline.  Heck, I would love to know more about Ice Dragons.  I just must have more and know who has been crowned king of the stuffies as well. 

When you want a story that will take you through a diverse range of emotions and leave you wanting more I highly recommend this one.

        Five Shooting Stars and Recommended Read


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