Thursday, October 1, 2020

Dakota by Shaw Montgomery


Title:  Dakota

Series:  Romance and Revolutions, 5

Author:  Shaw Montgomery

Publisher:  Shaw Montgomery

Genre and Pairing:  MM,  contemporary

Reviewer Name: Redz

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Publisher Blurb 

Just because he’s scatterbrained and distracted doesn’t mean he needs a keeper…right?

Dakota is creative, passionate, and just a little too focused on his work. It’s helped him grow a single book into an impressive series and career, but it’s not helping his personal life. At this point, he barely has a personal life and even his friends are starting to get concerned.

Tristan’s had a thing for Dakota before he ever met the sexy, somewhat reclusive writer, and it only takes one chance meeting to feel the connection between them. That’s also all it takes to see that Dakota doesn’t just need an assistant, he needs a keeper. Luckily, that’s a role Tristan was born to play.

When a distracted, artistic sub meets a Dom with a thing for organization and role-playing, a beautiful masterpiece of a relationship can’t be far behind.

61k words

Story Contains: M/m romantic content, BDSM elements, and non-shifter alpha/omega dynamics. 



Dakota by author Shaw Montgomery is the fifth book in the Romance and Revolutions series.   This story is written in dual POV. I love that POV because it is one, I feel more connected to both characters in.  Feels more personal.   This story is part of a series, and characters we know, and love show up again in this story. I would not consider this story a true standalone.

Dakota:  he is a writer. He is a creative person with his head in the clouds most days. Being a creative person myself I can relate to that. Getting caught up in ideas and no taking care of himself.  Which is why he is hiring a personal assistant.  He has a part-time one but really needs a full-timer.

Tristan: he has been there for creative people all of his life. His parents were both creative and he kept them on track too.   He has a good sense of humor, laid back personality. And most of all he is Dominate.

I loved how adorable this story is. There is a banter that kept me smiling, love that was aww moments, and beautiful connection between the characters.  I love to fall in love and this book really did that for me. When you want a steamy love story that will make you smile, I highly suggest this one.

                   Five Shooting Stars 

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