Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Fated by Devon Vesper


Title:  Fated:  A God Jars Prequel

Series: The God Jar Saga

Author:  Devon Vesper

Publisher:  Magelight Press

Genre and Pairing:  MM Fantasy

Reviewer Name: Redz

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Publisher Blurb 

Kerac keeps having recurring dreams of a blond boy calling him "Papa." Yet, he's on the path to becoming an Aesriphos—a holy warrior priest—and Aesriphos aren't allowed to have children due to the dangerous nature of their jobs. And Kerac's severe social anxiety proves too debilitating for him to pursue his passion for the Aesriphos Order's cause. Because of these issues, Kerac is ready to shirk his training for the Order and become a regular priest. At least they can have a family. It's the only way to see his dreams come true... until he meets a fellow Aesriphos Aspirant named Darolen.

Darolen's quiet strength and uncanny ability to calm Kerac down from his panic attacks proves to be just what Kerac needs to help him grow within the Aesriphos Order. This focused attention and Darolen's unwavering support make Kerac fall hard for the craggy warrior-mage.

But the dreams of having a son still plague Kerac. He must choose between the man who makes his heart race, and the son his god keeps promising him. 



I loved this prequel.  I feel it was very much needed.  Fated: A God Jar Prequel is the sorta first in the God Jar Saga by author Devon Vesper. Like the .5 start.

In this story Kerac and Darolen are established.  They grow and find their footing in this book. To me was so beautiful, and the ending made me cry.  I loved this story.

This is a slow-burn kind of story and more about these characters finding themselves and what that means to them as a couple.

Kerac suffers from crippling anxiety. He is a good sweet person but anxiety holds him back.

Darolen is smart, brave, kind. He helps Kerac. He is the first to stand up for Kerac and show how proud he is to be seen with him.

This is a beautiful story, I am so glad I got to read it. I am looking forward to book one in this series and see where it goes next.

                            Five Shooting Stars 

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