Thursday, September 10, 2020

Boss Daddy's Knots by Anna Wineheart


Boss Daddy’s Knots

Series: Meadow Street Brothers, 2

Author:  Anna Wineheart

Publisher:   Anna Wineheart

Genre and Pairing:  MM daddy kink age gap

Reviewer Name: Redz

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Publisher Blurb 

Boss. Neighbor. Old enough to be Wilkie's dad. Or... Daddy?

When Wilkie discovers his to-be ex cheating on him, he packs and leaves. But he's now homeless, and without a job.

Enter King. Wilkie's too-handsome, too-hot new boss. Who also happens to be his "backdoor neighbor". What that means? Their bedroom windows face each other. Wilkie sees things he shouldn't. And so does King.

When Wilkie discovers his surprise pregnancy by his ex, he's horrified with himself. He needs someone and he doesn't know who to turn to.

King helps him. In King's arms, Wilkie feels safe. In King's arms, Wilkie feels treasured. In King's arms, Wilkie feels like... maybe he's not so tainted by his past anymore.

Despite King's promises, can Wilkie really trust his new Daddy not to walk out on him? Like every other alpha has?




Boss Daddy’s Knots is the second book in the Meadow Street Brother’s series by author Anna Wineheart.   I loved a lot of things about this book.

I liked the cute titles to the chapters. I also loved the great character connection.  I felt very engaged in this book which I loved a lot.

Wilkie and King has a great dynamic. Wilkie is sweet and loveable from the start.  King is kind and fair. I liked that King is a leader and very smart. Shows in this story.

I loved how King was willing to help Wilkie no matter what.  I also like that King lets Wilkie finally have his own voice in a relationship.

This is a super cute and sweet love story. I loved it. I cannot wait for more from this series in the future.

   Five Shooting Stars 


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