Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Cowboy's Law by B.A. Tortuga

Title: Cowboy’s Law
Author: B.A. Tortuga
Publisher: turtlehat creatives
Genre:  MM  contemporary
Pages:  242
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher Blurb
When rodeo cowboy Seth’s best friend dies unexpectedly from cancer, he finds himself taking on a ranch and a bunch of his friend’s younger siblings, because they have nowhere else to turn. Seth loves those kids like they’re his own, and he settles in well to his new life, which is why he’s pretty wary when his buddy’s older brother finally makes it home from a long stint in the military.
Law knows he might get a chilly reception at his brother Pistol’s old ranch, even if the kids living there are his half-siblings. He didn’t make it to his brother’s funeral, after all, but to his credit, he was blown up trying to come home to do just that. He’s fighting injuries and insecurity, but when Seth welcomes him to the family ranch, Law knows he’s pretty much in love. Even if he thinks Seth was his brother’s lover. Can these two find a way to let their emotions out before tragedy strikes their family again?

Cowboy’s Law by B.A. Tortuga is a beautiful story about love and family.  I really loved this story, it is sweet very human, and unforgettable.
Seth is a rancher. His best friend Pistol dies of bone cancer. He leaves him his five siblings.  Now Seth has gone from owning one ranch and being lonely to owning two ranches and not even having time to think let alone be lonely.
Seth is a great person. He is a loving and caring dad, and an all-around good person to his soul.
Law has not had it easy. He was in the military.  He is the oldest brother. He has come to the ranch to get to know his family again and to know Seth.  He has a lot of emotional things to work through. He is a good soul who deserves a shot at love.
This is a wonderful read, has some great kids in it, and lots and lots of love.  This is the kind of story I will have on my keeper shelf and take out when I wanna remember what true love really is all about.

                         Five Shooting Stars 

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