Monday, August 12, 2019

Running to You by Megan Slayer

Title: Running to You
Author: Megan Slayer
Publisher: MLR Press
Pages: 97
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Dayton Sharpe wasn’t looking for a relationship when he went out for a run, but when he’s forced off the road, he finds the person missing from his life—Nicholas. Will he realize the man of his dreams isn’t out of his reach but right beside him?
Nicholas Malone likes his privacy and his seclusion. He writes for the local paper, online magazines, and novels. He has everything he needs—his cat and his writing. But he’s lonely. When Dayton, the hunky jock next door, ends up at his doorstep, he has to decide if he wants to be alone for the rest of his life or if it’s time to break his norms to find love. 

Running to You by Megan Slayer is a cute contemporary romance. I found it really a cute read that I liked. 
Dayton is not looking for love.  He likes to run. And he has a comfortable life
Nicholas the shy, a private guy who writes for a living, he and his cat are all he needs.
That  is till he meets the jock next door who he cannot forget about.
They have a very slow burn romance that is beautifully done. I did like the chemistry and how the story flows.  Really cute read about finding love in the most unlikely of places.  And discovering a little about yourself along the way.

                                   Four twinkling Stars 

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