Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Her Dangerous Mistake by Erin M Leaf

Title:  Her Dangerous Mistake
Author:  Erin M Leaf
Publisher:  Evernight Publishing
Genre and Pairing:  MF, Contemporary
Pages:  139
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb 
~Editor's Pick~

Moira is on the run—her apartment has been trashed, her bank account hacked, and someone is stalking her. Only one man is dangerous enough to keep her safe … that is, if she can convince him to help her. Neil Deven used to be her father’s best friend until betrayal turned him violent. Neil disappeared, and finding him might be the biggest mistake of her life, but Moira won’t survive alone.

Neil remembers Moira as a sweet little girl caught in the middle of her father’s criminal life. The gorgeous woman who shows up at his door is anything but a child, but he’s already got problems. Dragon shifters are a dying race with no way to change form, yet Neil’s powers keep growing. And Moira stirs long lost instincts—he can’t deny her need. He must protect the woman who will be his mate, or die trying. 

Her Dangerous Mistake by author Erin M. Leaf is a fast-paced story with great characters.  I really liked the connection they had that kept me turning the pages.
Moira :  she needs help.  She has had her apartment trashed, bank account hacked into, and she does not even own a car.  Her phone died as well. To say she is having a hard time is a  clear understatement.  She knew if she did not get help fast the trouble following her was going to kill her.
Neil:  she has not seen him in 15 years. He had been her dad’s best friend. He might not be a safe option, but he is her only option at this point.
Neil is down to Earth, and willing to help.  He might end up with much more than even he expected out of this deal.
 I loved the edginess to this book. Wonderful storytelling as well. Well worth the read.

                        Five Shooting Stars 

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