Monday, January 28, 2019

Star Dust Award: Touch by Remmy Duchene

Title: Touch
Author: Remmy Duchene
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 137
Genre/Pairing:  MM, Contemporary
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
One can’t walk the path of darkness and expect to escape unscathed.

At eighteen, Foster Erickson stepped out of the closet into a world of homelessness, prostitution, and drugs. Years later, he’s pulled it together and is ready to rebuild.

Determined not to let the demons win, Foster starts university with a plan to keep others from making the same mistakes he did. The last thing he expects is Sylvester Roberts.

After years of working with his father, Sylvester decides to step out on his own. University at his age is strange, but for him, failure isn’t an option. After flunking a few tests, Sylvester’s professor assigns him a tutor—Foster Erickson. The moment they meet, Sylvester knows Foster isn’t like other guys.

As the darkness hovers and Sylvester begins falling, he will have to decide if helping Foster fight his demons will be worth it in the end.

Touch by author Remmy Duchene is a very thoughtful and emotional read. I am just gonna start with the dedication to this book, it really touched my heart. I love how thoughtful Mr. Duchene is.
Foster: he has been homeless, a prostitute and drug user. Years later though he has pulled himself out of that and gotten his life together. He starts college wants to help people like himself one day.
Foster has been through a ton in this book and before.  His parents are unsupportive, judgmental, and just mean. But I loved his guts Foster is able to do what most others could not, and I admired his character for his strength.
Sylvester, he worked for his own father.  Now he too is breaking away and doing something on his own. He is going to college as well.  Meets Foster because Foster ends up being his tutor.
I loved these two men each is distinctly unique and has something to offer the other man to make them stronger and better people.  They are determined to be better people. I loved that about them.
When you want a love story that touches the heart, I really suggest reading this one.  I am huge Remmy Duchene fangirl and this book is another well done read by this author.

                  Recommended Read and Five Shooting Stars 

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