Saturday, January 26, 2019

Star Dust Award: His First Family by Victoria Sue

Title: His First Family
Author: Victoria Sue
Publisher: Victoria Sue
Pages: 271
Genre: MM contemporary
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Thrown out and thrown away.
Lorne Austen—on the very day his alpha’s youngest children were fifteen—was told to pack his bags and leave the only real home he had ever known. Heartbroken and alone he takes shelter from the snowstorm with other stranded travelers, miles away from the family he had always considered his.
Doctor Jonathan Owens has personal reasons for never wanting to mate an omega, but all his good intentions are tested to the limit when he meets Lorne. After spending the night together he is devastated to find Lorne has vanished without a trace.
Soon enough, Lorne discovers the impossible has happened and he is pregnant. But the law says unmated omegas cannot keep the babies they give birth to. Eventually, realizing something is badly wrong with his pregnancy, he goes to the clinic and comes face to face with Jonathan again.
All Lorne has wanted is a family he won’t lose. Jonathan has spent years making sure he never needed one. Faced with the real danger that the babies won’t even survive long enough to be born, can these two find love and the strength they need in each other or will their differences always pull them apart? 

His First Family by author Victoria Sue is a fun fast-paced read I truly loved.  This is a Mpregnacy romance, but it is done in a realistic way that made me really believe in this story.
Lorne, when we meet him, is being kicked out by his old Alpha. He is losing three beautiful children he did not the father, but he raised.  I was so sad the kids never got to say goodbye to him. He is kicked out with almost nothing. I so hope that old alpha gets his comeuppance he soo needs Karma to visit.
Lorne though gets to meet another alpha one more deserving of the sweet lovely omega that Lorne is. He is loyal, kind, caring, and very sweet.
Jonathan is not your typical alpha. He is kind, sweet, and does not abuse his power.  He is more than kind and loving.  He does make mistakes, but he is more than willing to own up to them and help correct them.
I loved how this story is handled. Feels very real and emotionally driven. I liked the characters and the entire arc of this story.  I liked the twists and turns of this story as well.
When you want an Alpha Omega pairing you can fall in love with, I highly suggest reading this book.  The ending is adorable, and the characters are perfect to fall in love with.

Recommended Read And Five Shooting Stars 

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