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Liam's Lament by Lisa Oliver

Title: Liam’s Lament
Series: Arrow Town, 3
Author: Lisa Oliver
Publisher: Lisa Oliver
Pages: 238
Genre: MMM Paranormal
Reviewer Name: Redz
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Publisher’s Blurb
As far as Liam Lamont's concerned, life sucks. His mate disappeared without a backward glance, he spends most of his time drunk and he has the worst case of blue balls in existence. Fighting his lion form is tiring and if it wasn't for his brother Lucien, and the rest of the pack at Ra's, he'd probably run off into the wilderness and never be seen again.

But even if life had thrown Liam a massive curve ball, the Fates hadn't forgotten him. One night a mysterious stranger offers to buy Liam a drink and Liam starts to feel a glimmer of hope. But Theo, the mate who walked away, is still lurking in Liam's heart and when faced with a second mate, Liam had no choice but to tell his new mate about Theo and give him a choice.

Beau Ferris had been told his whole life he would have two mates. All his kind did. His father warned him never to go after one until his pair already claimed each other. But when Beau's animal spirit warns him of Liam's despair and Theo's anger, he couldn't stay away. When he meets Liam he's given a shocking choice - Liam or Theo - he can't have both.

Stubborn shifters, a gorgeous fae toddler with magic flowing from her fingertips, demons, wolves, and even a visit from the Fates; Beau and Liam have to fight through fire before they get their third and the HEA they both dreamed of. But will it be enough.

Liam's Lament is the third book in the Arrowtown series. Reading the previous book in the series is advised to understand the context of this story.

This is a true mates M/M/M story with MPREG.

Warnings include graphic intimate scenes, violence, coarse language and love so sweet it will make your teeth ache.

Liam’s Lament by author Lisa Oliver is the third book in Arrow Town series. This book should be read in order. Will help you understand the world much better.
This story starts out with a little from Snake Snack so you know how this book ties in with that book. Which is another reason you really need to read these stories in order.
Beau : he is a phoenix shifter. They always get two mates. Beau himself is a little naïve about how things work. He thinks that his mates will want to be together no matter what.
Liam: he is upset.  He doesn’t know he has two mates. Till he meets Beau. But has met the man who thinks he is their third. He is an evil man.  And someone who has done great harm to him and his friends.
Theodore: corrupt and evil.  Mean has no real feelings. What do you do when one of your mates is pure evil?

This story is fast paced but truly an emotional read. I liked this one of the best in the Arrow Town series so far. Has lots of depth, a great ending, and unforgettable characters I loved. I cannot wait for more from this great series in the future.

                               Five Shooting Stars 

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Lisa Oliver said...

Oh wow, a friend posted this link for me. Thank you so much for the lovely review - I am thrilled you enjoyed it. Have a lovely day :)