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Forever With You by Londra Laine

Title: Forever With You
Author: Londra Laine
Publisher: Londra Laine
Pages: 230
Genre: MM contemporary
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Kelly Brooks Montes is only nineteen years old and just starting college in New York City when tragedy strikes, and he becomes a single dad to his toddler brother. Four years later, Kelly and his baby brother, Jaylen, are doing well, though Kelly leads a double life to make ends meet. He’s a high-level administrative assistant by day and a racy go-go boy by night. Between raising his brother, dancing, and trying not to run afoul of his new boss, Kelly doesn't have time for a boyfriend. Even if he did want a man in his life, a past trauma makes him question whether he can ever trust a man with his body or his heart. But then Kelly receives an unexpected but steamy birthday kiss from his boss, a man he was sure hated him, and he begins to wish for things he knows he shouldn't.

Andrew Whitman knew from the moment he held Kelly's hand that the man was special, and it both annoyed and terrified him. Kelly makes him feel a little out of control and Drew is a highly controlled man. He has to be to keep his sexuality a secret from his father, a conservative politician. And he is OK with that. He has a perfectly good, mutually beneficial, life plan with his best friend, Lex. A long time ago, he'd made his peace with the fact that he'd never find a man worth turning his life upside down for. Then he ends up with his capable and gorgeous assistant under him on top of his desk, and his life plans change. Drew can't seem to get out of his own way when it comes to the quiet, sexy, and surprising single dad, but he can't stop himself from falling for Kelly and his sweet baby brother. And just when it seems that Kelly has worked through his past hurts enough to let Drew into his body and his heart, manipulative family and words unspoken threaten to tear them apart. But after getting a taste of a life he never thought he could have, Drew won't let anything tear his fledgling family apart.

***Please be aware that this book contains a flashback of and several references to sexual assault that may be triggering to some readers.***

Forever With You by Londra Laine is the first time I have ever read anything by this author.  I loved this story. It is emotional, and fun to read. I loved the pacing of this book, and I loved the whole character arc.  Really well done. I will be looking for more stories from this author in the future.
Kelly: is 19, goes to college, he has become a single dad to his toddler brother. Four years later he and his little brother are doing well. He is a high-level admin assistant by day and a go go dancer by night.
Andrew:  he knows Kelly is special. Drew feels out of control with Kelly. He keeps his sexuality from his father. This becomes a problem. Will his family try to take his new family he is building? Not without a fight from Drew.
I liked his intense and loving nature. Drew is someone you would want as your best friend he would stand by you no matter what.

Overall this is a great read. Nice build up and nice over all arc to this story. I really loved this story and didn’t want to see it end. Will be looking for more stories by this author in the future. 

                                     Five Shooting Stars 

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