Monday, October 22, 2018

Star Dust Award: To Save His Prince by Hurri Cosmo

Title: To Save His Prince
Series: Ice Dragon Tale, 4
Author: Hurri Cosmo
Publisher: Hurri Cosmo
Pages: 441
Genre/Pairing: MM, fantasy, paranormal
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb

Emory is a humble kitchen servant intent on working hard so he can continue to earn his daily crust of bread. It is a thankless, back-breaking job, but it is exactly where Emory wants to be. In the magnificent West Quay castle. Because that is where the incredibly handsome, extremely talented Crown Prince Riffyn lives. The beautiful, kind, and attentive man stole Emory’s heart years before when he rescued him and his mother from a band of thieves. Now Emory’s only wish is to be close, so he can simply admire and serve the man.
But a great evil walks the halls of the castle, and Emory stumbles on a heinous plot to not only kill the prince but a possible plan to overthrow the Kingdom. A wicked scheme that includes the use of magic. Of course, being a lowly servant, no one believes Emory when he tries to raise the alarm, including the prince, who has been commanded to choose a bride now, or one will be chosen for him. Even as Emory’s heart breaks for his prince, he has to find a way to save him. But how, when no one, not even the king, the prince’s own father, can be trusted? 

To Save His Prince is the fourth book in Ice Dragon Tale by author Hurri Cosmo.  I adore this author for many reasons, one of them being original unique storytelling.  Ms. Cosmo always brings me a fresh take on a story that keeps me turning the pages.
To Save His Prince is no exception.  This is the 4th in the Ice Dragon Tale Series I have not read the rest. I was not lost in this book. I really want to go back through and read the stories I have missed. I truly enjoyed this world and the people in it, I want more!
Emory is a strong, sweet, and humble character. Not born to wealth but he has strong instincts. He is truly a loyal good character at heart.
Prince Riffyn he is kind, beautiful, and most of all he has a beautiful heart that you see unfold in this story.
There is some world building in this book, I felt it was done perfectly. Not terribly fast or slow. I was never bogged down or felt overloaded with information. 

I cannot wait for more, I would defiantly recommend this book to someone who likes stories off the beaten path that are strong, well written, and have amazing characters you will love and cheer for. 

              Five Shooting Stars and Recommended read 

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