Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Taste of You by Irene Preston

Title:  A Taste of You
Author: Irene Preston
Publisher: Fated Desires Publishing, LLC
Genre:   MM. Contemporary
Word Count: 40,000
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
A Taste of You by Irene Preston - Romance>Anthology/Bundle
Hell’s Kitchen has nothing on the flames Giancarlo and Garrett ignite at Restaurant Ransom...

Garrett Ransom is America’s hot chef du jour. He has a Michelin-starred restaurant in New York City, a hit reality TV show, and a new man in his bed every week. Yes, he secretly thinks his business partner, Giancarlo “Carlo” Rotolo, is hotter than a ghost pepper, but he would never jeopardize their friendship with a fling. Then Garrett overhears some juicy gossip among the crew and realizes he’ll have to break Giancarlo’s cardinal rule, no banging the staff - for Carlo’s own good, of course. Just a taste of Carlo should be plenty. Long-term relationships aren’t on Garrett’s menu.

Giancarlo’s been in love with Garrett forever. He’s sure Garrett will eventually realize they are destined to be more than business partners. But when Garrett installs his latest boyfriend as their new chef d’cuisine and announces plans to leave Carlo in New York while he opens a second restaurant on the west coast, Carlo is forced to re-evaluate his life.

Can a high-strung British chef and a nice Italian boy from Brooklyn find the perfect fusion of fine-dining and family-style?

I am a particular fangirl of cooking shows, so the premise of this story really held appeal for me.  A Taste of You by Irene Preston is really a fun sweet read that I wanted more of. I couldn’t put this book down. Carlo is a sweet, wonderful kind man. He is the kind of person that people go out of their way to please because he is such a kind fair person himself.  He doesn’t even know how special he is. Which of course is part of his appeal to other people. He has longed for one man his whole life. Garrett.  The co owner of his restaurants.  But Garrett has never noticed him before.
Garrett is the golden boy. He is the one who gets the TV gigs. The one people want pictures with. He can have any man he wants, and usually does.  He doesn’t believe in commitment. He just is a love and leave them type of guy.
But when Carlo gets tired of waiting for Garrett to notice him, Garrett has to learn how to work for what he wants and he wants Carlo.  I liked watching best friends fall in love. They each know all there is good and bad to know about the other but love each other anyways.
I loved the romance of this book, sometimes I think writers forget what a real connection and romance is, this book is a good reminder of what real romance is about.   The sex of course is hot and awesome but it is the connection and love the characters have that kept me reading. 
If you love a great romance, with heart and soul this is the one to pick up. I am sure glad I did. 

                           Five Shooting Stars

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