Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What the truth is by Cardeno C

Title: Just What the Truth Is
Series: Home #5
Author Cardeno C
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages :200
Genre: Contemporary, MM
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher Blurb:

Ben Forman has been in the closet so long he’s convinced himself he’s actually straight. But his denial train gets derailed when hotshot lawyer Micah Trains walks into his life. Micah is brilliant, funny, and determined... and he just assumes Ben’s gay and starts dating him. Finding himself truly happy for the first time he can remember, Ben doesn’t have the willpower to resist.

Still, life isn’t all rainbows and happily-ever-afters. Ben loves his family, but his parents have been estranged from his brother, Noah, since he came out of the closet. Ben doesn’t want to lose them, but Micah won’t be his dirty little secret forever. Suddenly Ben’s hold on his happiness and his sense of self seems to be slipping. If he’s going to survive with his heart intact, he’ll have to own up to the truth of what he wants and who he is. The trouble is figuring out just what that truth is.

Just What the Truth Is by Cardeno C, is a book I really was waiting for in this series. It has emotional ups and down, and characters that really come alive. I really adore that about this author’s work the way the characters really jump off the pages and the emotional connections can be felt.   Ben is in denial. He doesn’t want to be gay. His parents have drilled it into his head gay is wrong. He is sure being gay means his life will be hell.  But unfortunately for him he is gay. Then he meets a sexy lawyer named Micah. Micah is comfortable in his own skin and really assumes that Ben is as well.  Their miscommunication about this issue really plays a part in this book.
The story has a great pace to it, lots of emotional connection and the ending left me feeling like this family really was headed in the right direction.  I loved this installment to the Home Series I cannot wait for the next book in this series to come out and see who falls in love next. 

                                           Five Shooting Stars!!!

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