Sunday, August 7, 2022

His Werewolf Silencer by Anya Byrne

 Title: His Werewolf Silencer

Series: Lone Wolf Pack, 5

Author:  Anya Byrne

Genre: MM paranormal

Reviewer: Redz

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Publisher’s Blurb

Erdi is a silencer. His life is one of blood, duty and shadows, and he has resigned himself to his role—until a mission leads him to Jensen Moore.

Erdi's heart and his instincts know the truth—that Jensen is his other half. But silencers don't have mates, and Erdi knows he doesn't have the right to even desire Jensen. He is both relieved and crushed when, after the mission, Jensen doesn't remember him at all.

But Jensen is nothing if not very determined, and very curious. His friend Parker's abrupt departure leads him to start digging—and soon, he finds himself smack dab in the middle of the werewolf world, meeting Erdi for a second time.
And the surprises aren't over yet. Between Jensen's sudden bouts of nausea, and an unexpected threat from the past, can the couple, and the Lone Wolf Pack, truly start over?

This is a second edition of this title, previously published under the name A Baby Daddy For His Werewolf Silencer. It has been revised and reedited, as part of the Lone Wolf Pack series. Grab this title for more scorching m/m action, possessive Alphas, shifter intrigue, and a guaranteed HEA!



His Werewolf Silencer is the fifth book in the Lone Wolf Pack series by author Anya Byrne.  This story is 11 chapters long, this includes the epilogue too.   This story should be read in order. It starts off basically where we left Erdi off in book four.

Erdi- he never wanted to be a Silencer. He just wanted to be a wolf. But that was not his fate. He knows he has done some horrible things and thinks he doesn’t deserve to be happy.

He is truly sorry for all he has done, and when we meet him he is enduring a hellish form of torture.  I wanted him to have a mate worthy of his loyalty and love.

Jensen- he is the light to Erdi’s darkness. He is determined. Strong, and full of love, perfect for Erdi.

Overall a great story with characters I loved and want more of in the future.  If you like MM paranormal with a happy ending this is the story for you.


                       Five Shooting Stars 

Friday, August 5, 2022

Grudge by Gianni Holmes

 Title: Grudge

Series: Ruthless  Daddies

Author:  Gianni Holmes

Genre: MM contemporary

Reviewer: Redz

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Publisher’s Blurb

Can their love grow stronger than a twelve year old grudge?

Mitch spent the last twelve years dreaming about his plans when he gets out of the slammer. The last thing he expects is to be abducted the same day he’s released from prison. And sure as hell not by the boy who’s responsible for his criminal record. But Cesare is no longer the sniveling, pathetic, abused boy Mitch protected that day. He’s the Boss of the Lacovelli family. And one glimpse of the onesie beneath the boy’s expensive suit is enough to make Mitch’s knees go weak.

Cesare never forgot the man who saved his life at the expense of his own freedom. When he abducts Mitch to get close to him, he doesn't count on the sight of Mitch to affect him so much. It doesn’t take long for his teenage crush to turn into full blown love. As Cesare and Mitch grow closer, how can Cesare be sure of Mitch’s feelings when he forces Mitch to stay by his side out of a sense of duty?

Grudge is a part of the Ruthless Daddies multi-author mafia collab and a complete standalone. Expect to find an age gap romance with an ex-convict Daddy, a trigger happy Mob Boss boy, and a sweet HEA. Want more deliciously morally gray Daddies and boys? Grab the whole series!



Grudge by author Gianni Holmes is the third book in the multi-authored series Ruthless Daddies.  You do not have to read this book in order.  It is a stand-alone type of story.  This story is told in dual POV.  There is a pretty good paragraph on content warning. I suggest reading it before getting into this book.  This is a dark gritty read.  I liked the balance of romance and darkness in this story. I did have a little bit of trouble at first with the two kinks being explored in this book. I just felt like one got pushed to the wayside more than the other. But I suppose in a story it is hard to get it all in there and still maintain the story’s cohesiveness.

Mitch:  he went to jail for defending the teenager he was a bodyguard for. Killing the kid’s dad will do that.  But Mitch wants nothing to do with his old life when he got out. Just wants to go to his place to see his boyfriend and chill.

Well, that doesn’t go as planned.  And he ends up being kidnapped.

Cesare is now the Don of his family. No one messes with him. He is a switch and likes Daddy kink, also a sadist. He is loyal to a fault and is determined to help Mitch now that he is out.  He is not ashamed of what he needs any more, and he wants Mitch.

Overall, this is a great addition to the series. I loved Mitch and Cesare very much. I did think this story has some things you just have to overlook cause it doesn’t quite make sense but overall I am glad I got a chance to read this one. 

                        Four Twinkling Stars 

Roman by Grae Bryan

 Title: Roman

Series: Vampire’s Mate, 1

Author:  Grae Bryan

Genre: MM paranormal

Reviewer: Redz

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Publisher’s Blurb

Danny Kingman is used to fending for himself. Working nonstop as an ER nurse to pay for his mother’s care, he’s been putting his own life on hold since he can remember. But when an unbelievably hot, strangely intense man saves him from a mugging, Danny has a feeling everything is about to change. Especially when that man suddenly pops out a pair of fangs.

Roman Mourier has been wandering aimlessly for decades, waiting for the inevitable day when the last of his humanity leaves him, and the demon inside him takes permanent control. He doesn’t believe in fated mates, or the myth that there’s a soul out there that could tether his humanity to him. Until he feels a strange pull to the lovely young man at the hospital, and hope stirs in him for the first time.

But Roman has demons other than just the one inside him. Is he strong enough to keep Danny safe from the past that haunts him? He knows one thing for sure: now that he’s found his mate, he will do anything to keep him



Roman is the first book in the Vampire’s Mate series by author Grae Bryan. This is a new to me author and I will be looking for more books by them because I LOVED this one so much. This story is told in dual POV which is actually really fun for this story.

Roman has been around a while. A LONG while. He has been wondering when the demon inside him is going to fully take over his humanity and he will be lost forever. But once he finds his mate well all bets are off. He will do anything to keep him. The joy and light in his life that only his mate brings.

Danny is a snarky night nurse. He is funny, sweet, and not scared of a vampire coming to see him at night.

Danny is the light of Roman’s world, and they are perfect for each other. I loved the world-building in this book and look forward to a lot more from this series in the future. 

                           Five shooting stars 

Thursday, August 4, 2022

His Werewolf Warrior by Anya Byrne


Title: His Werewolf Warrior

Series: Lone Wolf Pack, 6

Author:  Anya Byrne

Genre: MF paranormal

Reviewer: Redz

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Publisher’s Blurb

For decades, Mathias Girard has been convinced Will Orwell is his mate. It is painful for him to know that Will belongs to someone else and is forever out of his reach. But when Will's son Jessie desperately needs Mathias's help, Mathias doesn't hesitate and rushes to his aid. He does not expect his visit to the Lone Wolf Pack to lead him to his actual destined mate. Ward Bennett.

Ward comes to Willow Cove in an attempt to hide from his past. Seeking refuge in the small town that his mother once called home, he finds a love he was not looking for, and is thrust into a world he is completely unprepared for.
Between the bright flare of passion, the desperate desire to understand, and the uncertainties that plague them, the two men have their work cut out for them. Can Mathias finally build a future for himself and his new family?

This is a second edition of this title, previously published under the name A Future For His Werewolf Warrior. It has been revised and reedited, as part of the Lone Wolf Pack series



His Werewolf Warrior is the 6th book in the Lone Wolf Pack series by author Anya Byrne.  I love that her books are coming back out and being revised. I love the emotion and storytelling.  This book is 12 chapters long that includes an epilogue.  I think it is packed with a lot and I want more! MM paranormal is my favorite genre so I am always excited to read it.   This book is the 6th in the series and should be read in order. There are characters we know and love that are making a reappearance in this book.

Mathias or Matt: he is a very interesting character is half werewolf and half sidhe.  I loved this combination.  He has been convinced that Will was his mate for decades.  But Will belongs to someone else.  So Matt has accepted he will not be having a mate ever.  That is till Ward comes to town.  Ward changes everything for Matt and now he has to convince a human that he is his mate.

I really felt for Matt in this book. He has been through a lot. Yes, he has made mistakes, but I was cheering for him all the way in this story.

Ward:  he is recovering from being dumped, used, and betrayed.

Ward is a character that grows with time in this book. I loved watching him blossom into the perfect mate for Matt.

Overall I loved this story. Each of these characters has what the other needs to be the best people they can be.  When you want lots of love and connection, I highly recommend this read. 

                      Five Shooting Stars

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

His Reluctant Omega Mate by Jax Stuart


Title: His Reluctant Omega Mate

Series: Sweetwater Pack, 1

Author: Jax Stuart

Genre: MM Paranormal

Reviewer: Redz

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Publisher’s Blurb

Will Kade be able to trust that fate has brought him an alpha that he can love, not just the one that he needs?

As an omega, Kade's purpose is to mate with an alpha and carry children. Years on the run have stolen that from him and ravaged his body. A chance meeting with his fated mate has Kade asking if Blake could be the one to heal his heart as well as his wolf. But what kind of alpha would accept a damaged omega?

Meeting his fated was a dream come true for Blake, but Kade keeps him at arm's length. Blake doesn't need Kade to trust all alphas, just that Blake would never harm an omega, especially his prickly, reluctant mate.

His Reluctant Omega Mate contains mpreg and discussions surrounding the past abuse of several characters. There is some on page violence, a kidnapping, and discussions about infertility. Omegas sometimes have it hard but Blake is a cinnamon roll of an alpha who wants to give them the world.



His Reluctant Omega Mate by author Jax Stuart is the first book in the Sweetwater Pack series.  I loved a lot of things about this book. I loved the names of the chapters, the character connection, and the world I am getting to know.  This story is told in dual POV which suits it well.

Kade- has to trust that fate brought him an Alpha that he can love, not just the one he needs. Kade wants it all the love the family, everything.  But he has some issues to work through that have been holding him back.

Blake- wolf, delivers packages, has a boss that gives him the creeps and he doesn’t want to be alone with. Loves kids. Has not seen his own sister since she was a baby. Close to other paranormals. 

Blake is an interesting blend of rough edges and a warm heart.  He is a great partner for Kade to learn to trust.

Overall, this is a great story and I cannot wait to see where it goes next. 

                   Five shooting stars 

The Billionaire's Familiar: mm fox shifter fated mates romance by T.J. Nichols


Title: The Billionaire's Familiar: mm fox shifter fated mates romance

Series: Familiar Mates, 8

Author: T.J. Nichols 

Genre: MM Paranormal 

Reviewer: Redz

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Publisher’s Blurb

Fated mates...there's only one problem: their families hate each other.

With old money comes old hatreds, and the fight to survive will take everything the familiar bond offers witch and shifter.

Ethan Lumin has followed the plan laid out for him since the day he was born. As part of that plan, he needs a familiar before he turns thirty so he can take his place on the Shadow Board as expected. But he wants more than a bound shifter who’s only interested in his family’s power and money.

Axel Hollins learned a long time ago that family comes first, shifters come second, and witches come last. He wants nothing more than to escape the family business, but even the idea of becoming an artist is frowned upon.

A chance meeting leads to a one-night stand and waking up to find that he’s now the familiar to the richest witch in London.


Discover the world of the Familiar Mates mm fated mates paranormal romance series. Each book in the Familiar Mates series has a new couple and a HEA with no cliffhangers.

The Billionaire's Familiar is a steamy gay enemies to lovers romance between a billionaire witch who is expected to follow family tradition and a fox shifter who doesn't realise his own power.


The Billionaire’s Familiar by author T.J. Nichols is the 8th book in the Familiar Mates series.  You do not have to read this book in order to get this particular story, I have not, and I was not lost.  Though I am going to be going back to see what I missed, this story is AMAZING.  I loved the character connection, the world they are in, and the complexities that come with that world. 

Ethan he has been working for his dad since graduating from college.  He is almost 30.  His life has been planned out even before he was born. Now he needs to choose a familiar.  He is worried about what is appropriate and what is not.  

I liked Ethan he is a character that blossoms with his familiar.

Axel- he knows family comes first. Shifters come second, and witches come last. He wants to become an artist and escape his family, but that is easier said than done.

I really liked Axel he has many layers to his character, and he is perfect for Ethan.

Overall, this is a story I couldn’t put down. I loved every second of it and want more!  This book is going on my keeper shelf for sure. 

                                       Five Shooting Stars 

Monday, August 1, 2022

Dragon of Glass by Minerva Howe


Title: Dragon of Glass

Series: Dragon Triplets, 2

Author: Minerva Howe

Genre: MM Contemporary

Reviewer: Redz

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Publisher’s Blurb

Omega Zack doesn't mean to be trouble to anyone when he shows up at Alexi Petrov's door. He's holding his life together by a thread after being fired from his prestigious gallery job for not sleeping with his boss. When he asks Aleks to contribute to the youth art charity he's working with, Zack has no idea his life is about to change for good.

Glassblower triplet Aleks almost misses how special Zack is, because he's so focused on his art. But when his brother's mate pushes him to really see the sweet young man, Aleks knows Zack needs his help. And Zack is his mate. The two of them have to push past Zack's fear, and fight off the danger that comes from Aleks claiming Zack, to find their way. Can they claim their life together, or will it shatter like glass?

This is a non-mpreg alpha and omega gay romance with knotting and dragon shifters.



Dragon of Glass is the second book in the Dragon Triplet series by author Minerva Howe.  You do not need to read the previous story to understand this one, but I suggest you do read book one, it is amazing!!

Aleks- loves doing blown glass. He loves a challenge. He has a dog named soot. He is a dragon shifter. Dimi is his assistant.  He is gruff but has a great heart.

Zack- he has come to Aleks to get an art piece for the benefit of the youth program. He also would like to get him to judge the contest.   He has lost his dream job. He has no money. He is living out of his car. But he has a good heart and is willing to do the work to rebuild his life.

There is lots of love and connection in this story. I loved it. I loved the art aspects and how it makes Aleks feel.  Just beautiful.  When you want a great story with out of the box thinking this is the perfect story to read. 

                        Five SHooting Stars