Thursday, October 1, 2020

Dakota by Shaw Montgomery


Title:  Dakota

Series:  Romance and Revolutions, 5

Author:  Shaw Montgomery

Publisher:  Shaw Montgomery

Genre and Pairing:  MM,  contemporary

Reviewer Name: Redz

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Publisher Blurb 

Just because he’s scatterbrained and distracted doesn’t mean he needs a keeper…right?

Dakota is creative, passionate, and just a little too focused on his work. It’s helped him grow a single book into an impressive series and career, but it’s not helping his personal life. At this point, he barely has a personal life and even his friends are starting to get concerned.

Tristan’s had a thing for Dakota before he ever met the sexy, somewhat reclusive writer, and it only takes one chance meeting to feel the connection between them. That’s also all it takes to see that Dakota doesn’t just need an assistant, he needs a keeper. Luckily, that’s a role Tristan was born to play.

When a distracted, artistic sub meets a Dom with a thing for organization and role-playing, a beautiful masterpiece of a relationship can’t be far behind.

61k words

Story Contains: M/m romantic content, BDSM elements, and non-shifter alpha/omega dynamics. 



Dakota by author Shaw Montgomery is the fifth book in the Romance and Revolutions series.   This story is written in dual POV. I love that POV because it is one, I feel more connected to both characters in.  Feels more personal.   This story is part of a series, and characters we know, and love show up again in this story. I would not consider this story a true standalone.

Dakota:  he is a writer. He is a creative person with his head in the clouds most days. Being a creative person myself I can relate to that. Getting caught up in ideas and no taking care of himself.  Which is why he is hiring a personal assistant.  He has a part-time one but really needs a full-timer.

Tristan: he has been there for creative people all of his life. His parents were both creative and he kept them on track too.   He has a good sense of humor, laid back personality. And most of all he is Dominate.

I loved how adorable this story is. There is a banter that kept me smiling, love that was aww moments, and beautiful connection between the characters.  I love to fall in love and this book really did that for me. When you want a steamy love story that will make you smile, I highly suggest this one.

                   Five Shooting Stars 

Stardust Award: Breaking the Rules by Jodi Payne and B.A. Tortuga


Breaking the Rules

Series:  The Triskelion, 1

Author:  Jodi Payne and BA Tortuga

Publisher:  Tygerseye Publishing

Genre and Pairing:  MM,  BDSM, Contemporary

Reviewer Name: Redz

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Publisher Blurb 

Saul Reynolds manages a busy bicycle shop in downtown Boulder, Colorado. A recent CU graduate, he’s also a Dom, and has many friends his age in the scene. Saul’s an old soul, and even at twenty-five, he’s had enough experience to understand his own desires. He’s had plenty of lovers and he’s played the role of part-time Dom, but he’s never found the perfect combination of lover and sub in one man.

Troy Finch lost his lover in a rodeo accident twenty years ago, moved to Boulder, and has worked as a line cook in his friend Carter’s diner ever since. He’s attended many parties at Carter’s home with couples in the BDSM lifestyle and feels comfortable in a submissive role, but without a Dom of his own, Troy hasn’t explored what that really means to him. He has needs he doesn’t entirely understand and finds his only outlet at the hands of Carter’s husband, Geoff, a tattoo artist who has used Troy’s skin as a canvas for as long as they’ve known each other, covering Troy in colorful, intricate triskelia.

Troy doesn’t know what he was thinking accepting a dinner invitation from a kid half his age, but everything feels right about their evening together, including Saul’s Dominant side. The rules for a twenty-five year old gay cowboy from years ago, though, are totally different than for a twenty-five year old college grad in Boulder now, and despite Saul’s confidence, Troy isn’t sure whether they can make it work.

Saul and Troy manage to bend a good many rules in the name of caring and compromise, but in the name of love, there are some rules they’re just going to have to break. 



Breaking the Rules by authors Jodi Payne and BA Tortuga is the first book in The Triskelion series. I loved the emotion in this story.  The characters all of them both main and secondary are memorable and I want more of them.

Saul: Manages a bike shop.  He is 25 years old and dominate. He is fresh out of college and green as heck in some areas.  He wants a lover and a Sub in one man.

Troy:  he has had a lot of heartbreak. He lost his partner in a Rodeo accident. That was 20 years ago.  He is a line cook, and Submissive.  He right now is using his ink as his submissive outlet.

I loved how BDSM ties into this story. It is an unusual way from what I have seen and read before.  I like the emotion the most in this book. It will be a series I follow for that intensity between the characters. I want more of that.  It is a story where I can fall in love with all the characters and want more.  Really loved this one and cannot wait for more from this series in the future.

 Five shooting Stars and Recommended Read 


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Saviors by Devon Vesper


Title:  Saviors

Series: The God Jar Saga, 1, Duty and Sacrifice, 1

Author:  Devon Vesper

Publisher:  Magelight Press

Genre and Pairing:  MM Fantasy

Reviewer Name: Redz

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Publisher Blurb 

Trust is more terrifying than any weapon.

Valis’ father wants to sacrifice him to the evil God, Qos. His uncle wants to use him as a magical battery and sex slave. All Valis wants is to live in peace, without fear of constant abuse. When he escapes his father’s sacrificial knife and runs away, he lands in the camp of his two saviors, Kerac and Darolen, holy Aesriphos warriors powerful enough to put his family in their place.

But trusting anyone could be fatal, and the warriors ask the impossible: to sell his father’s farmstead and abandon his old life to join their monastery.

They’re his only hope and when he learns to trust them, they’re the father figures he always wanted, but Valis isn’t sure he’s strong enough to put aside his fear and start over.

The God Jars Saga is a nine book slow burn medieval M/M fantasy romance. 



Saviors, Duty and Sacrific, 1  and the first The God Jar series by author Devon Vesper, it is a great fantasy novel. If you are looking for a romance, it is therewith Kerac and Darolen but Valis does not get a love interest yet. To me, he was just not ready emotionally for one yet anyways.

This is Valis’ story. We met him in the prequel. He is the boy Darolen and Kerac save. The boy Kerac had been dreaming about calling him dad.  Both of these men help Valis.

Valis if you ask me has PTSD. He has been through hell and survived. He is growing in strength of spirit and body.  He is learning trust comes hard. But he is a good soul who deserves happiness and love.

As I mentioned the love interests in this story are already established in the prequel. I liked going deeper into that relationship.  I also loved the world-building in this book. I feel it is a great start to what is looking like a wonderful new series to sink into.

                                   Five Shooting Stars 

Fated by Devon Vesper


Title:  Fated:  A God Jars Prequel

Series: The God Jar Saga

Author:  Devon Vesper

Publisher:  Magelight Press

Genre and Pairing:  MM Fantasy

Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Buy Link:   Could not find


Publisher Blurb 

Kerac keeps having recurring dreams of a blond boy calling him "Papa." Yet, he's on the path to becoming an Aesriphos—a holy warrior priest—and Aesriphos aren't allowed to have children due to the dangerous nature of their jobs. And Kerac's severe social anxiety proves too debilitating for him to pursue his passion for the Aesriphos Order's cause. Because of these issues, Kerac is ready to shirk his training for the Order and become a regular priest. At least they can have a family. It's the only way to see his dreams come true... until he meets a fellow Aesriphos Aspirant named Darolen.

Darolen's quiet strength and uncanny ability to calm Kerac down from his panic attacks proves to be just what Kerac needs to help him grow within the Aesriphos Order. This focused attention and Darolen's unwavering support make Kerac fall hard for the craggy warrior-mage.

But the dreams of having a son still plague Kerac. He must choose between the man who makes his heart race, and the son his god keeps promising him. 



I loved this prequel.  I feel it was very much needed.  Fated: A God Jar Prequel is the sorta first in the God Jar Saga by author Devon Vesper. Like the .5 start.

In this story Kerac and Darolen are established.  They grow and find their footing in this book. To me was so beautiful, and the ending made me cry.  I loved this story.

This is a slow-burn kind of story and more about these characters finding themselves and what that means to them as a couple.

Kerac suffers from crippling anxiety. He is a good sweet person but anxiety holds him back.

Darolen is smart, brave, kind. He helps Kerac. He is the first to stand up for Kerac and show how proud he is to be seen with him.

This is a beautiful story, I am so glad I got to read it. I am looking forward to book one in this series and see where it goes next.

                            Five Shooting Stars 

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Connor's Fight by AM Raulerson


Title:  Connor’s Fight

Series: Sanctuary, 1

Author:  AM Raulerson

Publisher:  AM Raulerson

Genre and Pairing:  MM contemporary

Reviewer Name: Redz

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Publisher Blurb 

Blaming himself for the death of his submissive, dark and brooding Darien Black, owner of the private BDSM club called Sanctuary, swore he would never have D/s relationship again. He didn’t trust himself to be the Dom a sub needed for more than a play session or two at the club, no matter what his best friend Xavier or anyone else said. He had subs at his club to scene with, meddling friends to talk to every night, a tattoo and leather shop to run during the day and that was more than enough for him. When he meets Conner, Darien was drawn to him in a way he hasn’t been for a very long time, but he refuses to believe he should ever be trusted to care for a sub for longer than a scene, especially one who’s gone through as much as Conner. When the two of them can’t stay away from each other, Darien agrees to be “friends with benefits,” as long as Conner accepts it can never be more. Unable to stay away, Darien pushes his worries to the back of his mind, telling himself that it’s nothing more than two consenting adults meeting each other’s sexual needs.

Justin’s House, a homeless shelter for LGBTQ street kids and rentboys, saved Conner’s life. If it hadn’t been for Simon, Justin, and Aaron… he most likely would have become just another statistic. He never understood why, after a vicious john had assaulted Conner at club Darkfall, Simon had come after him that night and handed him a business card. With a sharp tongue and a sarcastic attitude, Conner hadn’t exactly been polite to anyone who’d stepped in to save him. Terrified, he did what he always did and hid his fear behind snarky comebacks and anger.

Traumatized by his life as a rentboy and a past that haunts him, Conner knows he’s too jaded to ever be more than a willing sub to play with at the club. He feels the spark between Darien and himself, but the two of them are in complete agreement that their kink buddy relationship has an end date, and that’s exactly what Conner wants.

The former rentboy, now working to try and save other rentboys and homeless kids off the same streets he used to work. And the club owner who’s misplaced guilt caused him to shut his heart away and concentrate on protecting every sub that walks through his club’s doors. Two men with heartbreaking pasts, who refuse to believe they deserve happiness. Can they open their eyes and see how much they need each other, or will their stubbornness prove too much



Connor’s Fight is the first book in the Sanctuary series by author A M  Raulerson. I liked this start to the series.  It is written in dual pov. I liked that too allowed me into the minds of both men and really helped me get into this story.

Darien is a club owner.  Blames himself for the death of his sub.  Runs a tattoo and leather shop as well. I loved him. He is strong yet vulnerable, sweet yet knows when to turn on the Dominate in him.  I loved him.

Connor runs a homeless shelter for the LGBTQ kids at risk. Like he once was.  He had been a rentboy and now he devotes his life to changing that for other kids.

This is a really well-done story. I liked how each man balances out the other. Both are strong in their own way.  I felt they were perfect for each other.  I loved this story and cannot wait for more from this series in the future.

                             Five Shooting Stars 

You've Got To be Kitten Me by Ki Brightley and Meg Bawden


Title:  You’ve Got to Be Kitten Me

Author:  Ki Brightley and Meg Bawden

Publisher:  Brightly Books

Genre and Pairing:  MM  BDSM

Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Buy Link:


Publisher Blurb 

Brad Widstrom’s human puppy left him. To keep his mind off his loneliness, he drills all his extra time into coaching his kickball team. After a game one night, he goes to a pet-play party. He doesn’t expect to meet someone who makes his blood sizzle. The thing is, the man he wants isn’t a puppy, he’s a cat. Brad doesn’t know the first thing about them. One thing is certain, though, and that’s how much he wants Harley.

Harley Silvain is used to being ignored. Owners prefer the friendlier pet—dogs, not cats—and Harley is anything but sociable. There’s something pleasing about having an owner take care of him, but he’s not sure about this new man, Brad. Harley keeps waiting for Brad to decide he’s too much work. He’s sure he’ll be replaced by a mutt.

When Brad’s friend asks him to take in a pup who has been abused by his owner, Harley hates the idea. It’s one step closer to Brad dropping him, and he’s not willing to let a canine in the house. No matter how many times Brad reassures Harley he’d never leave him for a dog, Harley doesn’t believe it. If they want to make this relationship work, Brad will need to help Harley past his insecurities, or it’ll implode before it even begins. 



You’ve Got to be Kitten Me by Meg Bawden and Ki Brightley is an okay read. I had a few issues with this title which I will explain here in this review.  This story is written in dual POV which is good because we really do need both perspectives to get this story.

Harley is a aloof, picky guy who is into cat play.   

I get the kitty play; I was really looking forward to seeing that played out in a story. Usually I see a lot of dog play, so I wanted to see how being a Kitty is different. 

However, I felt some points were hammered home so hard that I disliked Harley.  He is insecure so insecure it is off-putting.  I was sad about that, I wanted to like him.  He starts off great!  Then well you get where I am going.   I think Harley has potential it just was not reaching in this story.

Brad, I loved him. Perfect!!  He is a kind caring Master. He made me smile and cheer for him.  Big heart and gentle hands.

Overall, I cannot get behind this particular story. The “problem” they had to overcome was just drawn out too much. I think they needed to work on a different angle there. 

Would I pick up titles from these authors again? Yes, there is potential in this book, and I feel it can be reached perhaps in another story. 

                             Three Red Stars 


Thursday, September 10, 2020

Boss Daddy's Knots by Anna Wineheart


Boss Daddy’s Knots

Series: Meadow Street Brothers, 2

Author:  Anna Wineheart

Publisher:   Anna Wineheart

Genre and Pairing:  MM daddy kink age gap

Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Buy Link

Publisher Blurb 

Boss. Neighbor. Old enough to be Wilkie's dad. Or... Daddy?

When Wilkie discovers his to-be ex cheating on him, he packs and leaves. But he's now homeless, and without a job.

Enter King. Wilkie's too-handsome, too-hot new boss. Who also happens to be his "backdoor neighbor". What that means? Their bedroom windows face each other. Wilkie sees things he shouldn't. And so does King.

When Wilkie discovers his surprise pregnancy by his ex, he's horrified with himself. He needs someone and he doesn't know who to turn to.

King helps him. In King's arms, Wilkie feels safe. In King's arms, Wilkie feels treasured. In King's arms, Wilkie feels like... maybe he's not so tainted by his past anymore.

Despite King's promises, can Wilkie really trust his new Daddy not to walk out on him? Like every other alpha has?




Boss Daddy’s Knots is the second book in the Meadow Street Brother’s series by author Anna Wineheart.   I loved a lot of things about this book.

I liked the cute titles to the chapters. I also loved the great character connection.  I felt very engaged in this book which I loved a lot.

Wilkie and King has a great dynamic. Wilkie is sweet and loveable from the start.  King is kind and fair. I liked that King is a leader and very smart. Shows in this story.

I loved how King was willing to help Wilkie no matter what.  I also like that King lets Wilkie finally have his own voice in a relationship.

This is a super cute and sweet love story. I loved it. I cannot wait for more from this series in the future.

   Five Shooting Stars