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Hijinks with a Hellhound by Louisa Masters


Title: Hijinks With A Hellhound

Series: A Hidden Species Novel

Author: Louisa Masters

Publisher:  Louisa Masters

Genre: MM, contemporary paranormal

Reviewer: Redz









Publisher’s Blurb

I’m a one-and-done kind of hellhound… I don’t catch feeeeeeeelings…

Once upon a time, my first and last relationship taught me that romantic love isn’t enough to stop your boyfriend from trying to kill you. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. My awesomeness is now strictly reserved for one-nighters and casual hookups. Sure, my friends seem to be matching up in romantic bliss, but screw that—I’m not interested.

Besides, things are heating up at the Community of Species Government, and I’m right in the thick of it all. Those bad guys are going down—and not in the good way. They might seem to have the drop on us right now, but we’re going to turn the tables on them. Even if it means going on a mission with Aidan Byrne.

I’m still not happy about the way Aidan handled things with my bestest bestie a few months back, even if he did turn out to be right. Plus, there’s something about him that rubs my fur in the wrong direction. He’s the kind of guy who thinks karaoke is only for college kids and looks down on me for licking my own balls. He also thinks that just because he’s the species leader, he’s in charge.

Too bad for him, I’ve never backed away from a challenge… even if it is unnervingly sexy and really bendy. A hookup won’t lead to feelings… right?



Hijinks with a Hellhound is the third book in the Hidden Species series by author Louisa Masters. I have not read the previous books but I was not lost. I do think though reading it in order will allow you to have a deeper connection to this story. This story is written in dual POV which really works for me.

Aiden is a field shifter and canid.  He is a leader. Stoic and calm is how he usually is.   

Alister is a hellhound. He has been hurt in the love department before.  He is a good best friend who has no limits.  Good sense of humor the sassy best friend type of guy. He works hard too.

This story does feel like it is already in progress. I was able to catch on pretty fast.  The story is easy to jump into, but there are a ton of side characters.  There is an underlying plot plus the love story plot.  I had to focus more on the love story plot cause some of the other plot did go over my head.

When you want a fast-paced romance with lots of action this is the book to pick up.


 Four twinkling Stars 


Let Me Hate You by Gianni Holmes


Title: Let Me Hate You

Series: A Love Permit Novel Book 2

Author: Gianni Holmes

Publisher:  Gianni Holmes

Genre: MM, contemporary

Reviewer: Redz








Publisher’s Blurb

What happens when two ruthless men do the unexpected and fall in love?

Keith didn’t get to his level of success by being Mr. Nice Guy. What he wants he gets. When Gio walks into his office seeking Keith’s help with a devious ploy, he agrees with one condition. He wants something a powerful man like Gio is not likely to give up easily…his submission.

Restaurant owner Gio is one foolish idea away from becoming involved with a man he should hate. After making one bad decision after another, he’s about to make his worst mistake yet. Falling in love with the cold-hearted bastard he turns to for help. When falling in love comes with danger, possessiveness, and explosive fights, will Gio be able to cut his losses before they end up killing each other?

Let Me Hate You is the revised edition of the book previously titled Corporate Bondage. It consists of two anti-heroes, loads of possessiveness, and an unhealthy relationship between two men who are crazy about each other. This book is best read after reading Let me love You.

Trigger warning for domestic violence



Let Me Hate You ties directly into Let Me Love You by author Gianni Holmes.  Let Me Hate You is the second book in the Love Permit series.  The men in this book well the romantic interests, were the bad guys in Let Me Love You.  So if you do not believe in redemption for the bad guys, this is not the book for you. The ending is trying to find the right words, but not clear would be the best answer I can give. I like my endings a lot more wrapped up than this one is. 

This story is a remake of a previously published story. I did not read the original so for me, that was not a problem. 

This story has some very strong warnings, you should read them before reading this story. 

Keith and Gio are two dysfunctional men trying to find themselves in a better place.  It is a messy ride to get there.

Keith is a dominant. He is ruthless, he also has been through a ton and he loves deeply.

Gio is more submissive but spends the beginning of this story mooning over his best friend that he cannot have.  Once he gets past that I adored Gio. He is kind, can admit when he is wrong, passionate, and above all-loving.

This is a really well-done story. It is about redemption, finding yourself and accepting yourself as you are, but also the power of finding the love that is perfect for you.

I loved this story and I hope there are many more stories in this series in the future, I would love to read them.

                             Five Shooting Stars 

Let me love you by Gianni Holmes


Title: Let Me Love You

Series: A Love Permit Novel Book 1

Author: Gianni Holmes

Publisher:  Gianni Holmes

Genre: MM, contemporary

Reviewer: Redz









Publisher’s Blurb


What happens when a guy who constantly needs rescuing meets his Prince-not-so-Charming?

After bailing on his corporate kingdom due to a very public scandal, the last thing Tate expects is to bump into temptation in the woods. A five feet four, one-hundred-and-twenty-pound guy who reeks of a damsel in distress. In other words, Tate’s kryptonite.

When a sprained ankle leaves him trapped in the woods, Bryan has no option but to accept help from the only man within miles around. But there’s just so much to do in a cabin before boredom kicks in. With only one bed, one brooding inexperienced hunk, and a few days for his injury to heal, it's only a matter of time before things heat up.

Just when Tate starts opening up to Bryan, an unexpected turn of events throws Bryan in the face of danger. To rescue him this time, Tate must leave his fortress in the woods to return to society. Will their brief encounter be enough for them to survive what lurks in the city?

Full of playful banter, lingerie, heels, a slight age gap, devious friends, stubborn exes, mystery, and intrigue, this book will give you a thrilling and swoony experience.

Please note, this approximately 100k word book was previously published as Falling for Mr. Corporate and My Dear Mr. Corporate. Over 20k words have been added to the story for a dual POV of the section which was formerly Falling for Mr. Corporate. Also newly edited.




Let Me Love You is the first book in the Love Permit series by author Gianni Holmes.  This story was previously published and edited with about 20k more words than before. I did not read the previous renditions of this book so this is fresh and new to me. 

This story is told in dual POV I feel it is really necessary for the telling of this story.  Helps it have more depth. This story is done in two parts, I am not keen on that, parts I never really got the why of them. But that is just a personal preference of my own.

Tate is the kind of guy who likes being the savior. He used to be a big deal as a businessman till he was outed as gay.  He now is a recluse in the woods.  Very intuitive, and smart.  He is a man who goes after what he wants with all that is in him.

Bryan, he is the abused boyfriend of a man who cannot admit he is gay. Bryan is a city boy, so going off into the woods with his lover and his lover’s friends is a big deal to him. 

I liked that Bryan is brave, strong, and passionate about life.

Overall this is a great story, I loved watching Bryan’s arc and seeing him grow full circle.  There is also a mystery going on in this story that kept me turning the pages and wanting more. I cannot wait for book two of this series. I loved this book and I want to know what happens next.


                       Five Shooting Stars 

Friday, April 2, 2021

Wolfmanny by Julia Talbot


Title: Wolfmanny

Author:  Julia Talbot

Publisher:  Turtlehat Creatives

Genre: MMM, paranormal

Reviewer: Redz









Publisher’s Blurb

Three hot werewolves, sexual tension thick enough to cut with a knife, an impending Colorado winter, and a rambunctious pack of werewolf pups. Stand back and watch the fur fly.

When Kenneth Marcon loses his nanny to a bite from one of his inherited kids, he knows he needs someone strong to contain five werewolf children. What he finds isn’t a stalwart nanny, but a werewolf manny named Jack. Kenneth and his assistant, Miles, aren’t sure if Jack is what they need, but he’s what they have to work with.

Jack’s got what it takes to keep the kids busy—and attract both Miles’s and Kenneth’s attention. The two old friends have been circling each other for years, but with Jack as the final piece to the puzzle, it’s time to finally act on those urges. When Kenneth is forced to travel instead of solidifying the bond with his new mates, Jack and Miles take desperate measures to get him back, even as they save the kids from one disaster after another. Amidst the chaos, they have to learn how to become not just a pack, but a family.



Wolfmanny by author Julia Talbot is the first book in the Nose to Tail Inc series.  This story is a reprint, I have never read this story before so that was not an issue for me.  I adore the chaotic humor in this story.  I do like this intro into this world and how it works too.

Kenneth lost his Nanny due to his rowdy charges.  He has five wolf children he needs a strong nanny to take them all on. 

Kenneth is a good person he doesn’t expect anyone to wait on him, and he doesn’t expect the nanny to take care of everything on their own. He is a good fair person.

Jack is a manny he is the glue that holds this tribe together. He is stern when he has to be and strong when that is needed. Also, he is the heart he cares deeply and it shows.

Miles is a beta and Kenneth’s best friend.  He doesn’t know how to get Kenneth to see they could be great together, till he teams up with Jack.

Each man has his own personality which I loved. The love is a slow burn, and sweet.  I did feel like this story was missing some connection, I felt this story was okay. Not the best I have read but just okay.  I would love to see where this series goes so I would definitely want to see book two when it comes out.

                            Four Twinkling Stars 

Omega Leader by Kaylin Peyerk


Title: Omega Leader

Author:  Kaylin Peyerk

Publisher:  Kaylin Peyerk

Genre: MM, paranormal

Reviewer: Redz








Publisher’s Blurb

"My wolf is screaming for me to show him what it means to be an omega. The pain that comes with having a body made of glass and a soul threaded together by starlight."

Omega citizens are at the bottom of the food chain due to their weak stature and softer dispositions, especially incredibly rare omega males. Jhona Fletcher has known that startling truth since the moment he came of age. After a harrowing experience when he was in his teens, Jhona learned that he could disguise his identity by manipulating his pheromones and honing his body into a sleek wall of muscle.

Now, almost eight years later, he's closed himself off to his trauma by stepping up as the ruling alpha of the Eastern Pack. His only mission? To create a safe space for omega and beta wolves alike while working to change the fundamental reasons their society views them as lower-class citizens. Such a noble cause made it easy to forget who and what he really is, that is, until a handsome alpha male waltzes into his life and ignites his omega mating pheromones.

Seeing Finn for the first time not only stirs up the budding attraction between them but also brings with it flashes of the painful, unresolved trauma of his past. Now, with the unavoidable heat sneaking up on him, Jhona has to make a decision about his priorities.

Is love worth the cost of losing everything else that matters, or is it simply not enough?

This is a dual POV slow burn omegaverse story that touches on social issues, abuse trauma and overcoming what that means for omegas. It's perfect for lovers of angst-filled inner dialogue, and character growth.




Omega Leader by author Kaylin Peyerk is a slow burn paranormal romance.  This is not part of a series but I feel it should be part of a series. There is a lot packed into this story. I think spreading it out some would have made it a better read. It is good just there was a ton of story building in a short span of time.

One of the drawbacks to having all the information is keeping track of it.  It was a bit much for me.

Jhona is an Omega but he doesn’t want to act like one or be treated like one. He is the Alpha of his pack and he wants to stay that way. I liked that he is strong, I also liked when he is vulnerable.  He has a great mix that made me want to know more about him.

Finn, he is an Alpha. He is not about power or breaking down an Omega. He is fair and wants a strong Omega that knows who he is.

I did like the push and pull from Finn and Jhona in this story.  I felt though there was a tad too much story and a lot less romance.  I do think making this a series would have solved some of the issues, but it is a good read as it stands now.

                   Four Twinkling Stars 

Forbidden by Jordan Dixon


Title: Forbidden

Author:  Jordan Dixon

Publisher:  Jordan Dixon

Genre: MM, Contemporary

Reviewer: Redz







Publisher’s Blurb

’m the king of mistakes.

Working at a bar as a recovering alcoholic? Check. Waiting until it was too late to tell my dad I forgive him? Yup.

But the most unforgivable mistake? The thing I can never take back, even if I wanted?

Kissing my dad’s best friend.

But I don’t want to take it back. I want to do it again.

It’s been five years since I last saw the silver fox Army Ranger with the striking blue eyes, but I’m still head over heels and Griffin is still straight.

I’ll use his skills to help catch my father’s killer, but I can’t risk my heart again.

Griffin thinks I’m obsessed. He thinks I’m going to get myself killed.

He thinks I need protection.

And one thing is for sure: he hasn’t forgotten our kiss either.



Forbidden by author Jordan Dixon, is a great contemporary read. I loved the connection between Griffin and Liam. This story is told in dual POV and it really works for this story letting me into the minds of both men.

Griffin is a tour guide. He has been in town for six months.  He has done a handful of tours in the Middle East.  He has become a recluse since his discharge.  His best friend died six months ago. The Guide business was both his and his best friends running it without him seems wrong. Griffin had originally left town because he was having feelings for his best friend’s son Liam.

Liam lives in town. He works in a bar even though he is an alcoholic. He bartends.  Liam had always hero-worshipped Griffin. But it is changing now to something else.

This story is a murder mystery, revenge plot, and sexual awakening.  There is a lot going on, but it feels flawlessly done. I loved this story and glad I got a chance to review it.

                                 Five Shooting Stars 


Queen's Ransom by Layla Reyne


Title: Queen’s Ransom

Series: Fog City, 4

Author:  Layla Reyne

Publisher:  Layla Reyne

Genre: FF, mystery

Reviewer: Redz







Publisher’s Blurb

Everyone leaves.

Love is risky business when you’re an assassin.
Helena Madigan has lost loved ones to the family business before. Now that she’s in charge, she’s determined never to risk her heart again.
Except every time Celia enters the room, she takes Helena’s breath away.

But the one time someone stays…

Celia Perri likes to be helpful.
She just wants to run the family auto shop, raise her kids, and help her brother plan his wedding.
But when a drive-by shooting targets the garage, Celia’s simple life is upended.
Now ensconced within the Madigan family, there’s no escaping Helena, the blonde bombshell she’s been crushing on for months.

It could cost her everything.

As the Madigans investigate, Celia witnesses their love and loyalty up close.
And their business.
Instead of being afraid, she sees a place for herself among them. She could be a confidant and caregiver—if only Helena would stop pushing her away. If only she’d admit their mutual attraction might lead to more.
And if only someone would stop shooting at them long enough to find out.

Queen’s Ransom is the fourth book in the Fog City romantic suspense series. It can be read as a stand-alone but is best enjoyed after reading books one through three of the series.




Queen’s Ransom is the fourth book in the Fog City series by author Layla Reyne.  I have not read the previous books in the series and I was not lost. It is recommended to really enjoy to the series to the fullest to read the books in order.

FF is not a genre I take a lot.  I found sometimes they really lack connection and storyline; this one however is amazing.  I highly recommend it.  There is a great connection. Snark, strength, and mystery in this book.

Helena is an assassin. She has lost many loved ones to the family business.  She is in charge now; she is determined and strong. She is never going to risk getting hurt again and she is protecting her heart for all she is worth.

Celia, she likes to be helpful.  She wants to run the family auto shop, raise her kids, help her brother plan his wedding, normal things.  She is part of the Perri family.

She has been through a lot, and both women have come out stronger for it. They are well-matched.  There is a ton of chemistry in this book.  I now want to go back and read the books I missed.

When you want a great romantic mystery, this is the book to pick up.

                      Five Shooting Stars