Tuesday, June 19, 2018

TK Lawyer Spotlight: Aeron

Grab the latest Guardian Angel in the Guardian League Series!  Each steamy hot read is a standalone and can be read in any order. 

Kim is stuck in a desperate situation – one she never thought she’d wind up in.  Her husband has given up.  Kim wants her freedom but she’s scared of the unknown.  To find true, lasting love is her dream but is it possible?
Little does Kim know who she seeks is searching for her.
Aeron loved and dated.  But he never found the right one. As leader and founder of the Guardian League and co-protector of his charge, his responsibilities kept him active; however, something was missing.  His life wasn’t complete.
He sought a perfect, unique combination:  fiery and spirited with the right mix of nice vs. naughty.  But this elusive minx was nowhere to be found.  Until the day an enchanting vision caught his eye and he walked straight into a line of people awaiting coffee and beignets.    Now that he’s found her, he’s unwilling to let her go.  But does Kim have the strength to trust again?

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About the Author~

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Award Nominated Paranormal Romance Author, TK Lawyer has been writing since high school but it was sometime in 2011 when her writing blossomed into a career.  Craving excitement and adventure, she jotted down a few notes for a book and never looked back.
Her books blend her interest in the paranormal and her love of romance.

Steamy, unique, fun tales of adventure with alpha males and feisty, curvy females are her signature.  She writes what she loves:  passionate, erotic, emotion-tugging novels that widen readers’ experiences and leaves them wanting more.  No two books are alike and each one is a stand-alone novel ready for fans and readers alike to dive into and enjoy!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Swipe Right by J.P.Oliver

Series: Fighting For Love, 3
Author:  J.P. Oliver
Publisher: J.P. Oliver
Genre: MM Contemporary
Pages: 156
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Davis has always been a romantic looking for the perfect man—and now that all his friends are paired off, he’s feeling extra lonely. But he’s also more determined than ever, and with some dating apps installed on his phone, he knows he’ll find the right person. That right person is definitely not Paul. 

Paul doesn’t believe in romance and seems happy to sleep with the first guy who shows interested. From the moment they meet, Davis and Paul clash. Yet they keep running into each other, and they’re drawn to one other in a way they can’t quite explain.

Can Paul and Davis find true love even though they are total opposites?

An MM Contemporary Romance 

Swipe Right by author J.P. Oliver is the third book in the Fighting for Love series. This is my first time reading this series. I was not lost starting with this book. The love story stands on its own. I did get the feeling I should know more so you might get more out of this one if you read it in order, but as I said it is not necessary to understand this story.
Paul is a player. He does one-night stands. He is not the forever guy. He thinks love doesn’t happen. Especially to men like him.  He is really jaded. What I did like about him though is he really is a good friend. He listens, offers suggestions, and sees the person for who they are. He doesn’t try to change them. I really think he is better than he gives himself credit for.
Davis is a romantic. He wants the hearts, flowers, and forever love.  He is trying to get that with a dating ap. So far it is not working out for him.  I just loved how adorably cute Davis is. He is sweet, innocent, and he should have the romantic love he wants.
Overall this story is cute, I just loved the characters. The bar is a great place, the men are great to get to know. It is a great read for the romantic at heart.

                                    Five Shooting Stars 

The Weight is Over by Jason Collins

Author:  Jason Collins
Publisher: Jason Collins
Genre: MM Contemporary
Pages: 200
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb

I have two guilty pleasures. Sexy men and delicious food.

Since gorgeous men don’t usually go for guys like me, I tend to indulge in the latter.

When I score a week-long job as the hospitality manager for a private island resort, it’s the wakeup call I need. I’m surrounded by hot, sculpted bodies—men who look like they’re straight out of fitness magazines.

I stand out, but not in the way I want to.

Even though gyms have never been my thing, I decide to try the island’s workout center. That’s where I stumble into what must be the hottest guy at the resort.

He’s exercising shirtless, but hell, I would too if I was him.

Of all the men on the island, this one takes the cake. Chiseled. Perfect. Out of my league.

But through a treadmill accident of embarrassing proportions, the hottest guy on the island suddenly becomes my hero.

I don’t know if I’m his type, but I find myself wondering if a night between the sheets counts as cardio.


I always seem to be drawn to the sculpted, Adonis types.

More than just that, they have to be shallow. That’s how I protect myself—by finding guys who would rather hit the gym than actually get to know me. The real me...not just the physical.

Lately, though, I’ve been hoping for more than that.

And then I meet Evan.

There’s an instant connection. The chemistry is there, but with him, it’s much more than physical. He’s sweet, funny, and adorably clumsy. I’m excited by the idea of building a future, and I want to explore it with him, but the notion of letting someone in terrifies me.

Evan doesn’t know it yet, but he’s the guy I’ve been fantasizing about. I don’t want to rush it, but the spark is undeniable, so I decide to start with a private invitation.

Maybe it’s time to show Evan my idea of a workout.

Note to readers: This is an extra spicy MM romance. Readers can expect two passionate men and several steamy scenes that will leave you breathless. 

The Weight is Over by Jason Collins is a cute fast paced romance. I loved the characters.   Evan is a hospitality manager. He is overweight and very self-conscious about it.  He is pretty hard on himself in this book.  He is a great person with a great sense of humor, but he cannot see that in himself.
Nicholas has recently broken up with a jerk of a boyfriend. He thinks he wants men who are fit and look amazing. Then he meets Evan. He sees beyond the outside trappings with Evan to the sweet funny man inside of him. 
They have some bumps in the road to find the love they both crave. They just have to grow and learn that sometimes to love someone else you must learn to love you for who you are.

This is a charming sweet read with just enough heat to keep me turning the pages. Highly recommend this one to the truly romantic at heart. 

                           Five Shooting Stars 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Compassion Be Damned by Rebecca Royce

Series: Last Hope, 4
Author:  Rebecca Royce
Publisher: Rebecca Royce
Genre: MMMMM F, Paranormal Fantasy
Pages: 305
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
It is the end of days…

Krystal has spent years locked in isolation, enduring torture day after day. It might drive a lesser woman mad. Her sudden freedom leads to a journey across the forbidding landscape. Unexpected allies appear, and new challenges block their path. Embracing every opportunity as a chance, Krystal must trust these five lost souls, her wild ability to heal, and most of all—herself.

They owe a debt they cannot pay…

Titus, Paden, Zeke, Ryland, and Jett spent years in bespelled servitude. Slaves to the unforgivable, they seek to atone for misdeeds beyond their power. Discovering a Sister alone in the woods, they pledge themselves to her service. Saving Krystal is more than a means to an end, though, as one by one she restores their hope, love, and faith. They will need all of their strength and hers. Loving her saved them, but losing her may save the world.

Compassion Be Damned is the fourth book in the Last Hope series by author Rebecca Royce.  This is part of an on-going series and should be read in order. I will admit I did not read this series in order. I was a tad lost on finer details. The main story itself though really kept my attention and was easily understood.  However, I really think you should read this book in order.
In this book, we meet Krystal. She is a Sister. Not by choice but because the Orals chose her.  She tries to be a good Sister to fight the demons, but she has no offensive powers. She can heal others, not herself, but she cannot do anything harmful to demons.  So this causes her to doubt herself.
Then there is Sister Katherine, the head Sister. She wants Krystal for her own purposes. There is a demon that wants to possess Krystal. Krystal’s saving grace is she can stop it from possessing her.
This leads to her being locked away. For three years. 
Once she is rescued she meets Titus, Paden, Zeke, Ryland, and Jett.  Her guardians of sorts. They are to protect her.
They are trying to redeem themselves. I liked each of them very much.  They each bring something different to the table. Ry is the tough one, Paden is more romantic and sweet, Jett is a tad dark, and Titus is a true born leader.
Throw in a shape-shifting crow into the mix and you have a story I couldn’t stop reading.  This book is the kind of story you read when you have time to sink into a world and really get into what you are reading. I think fans of the series will love this book. There is action, adventure, love, and mystery.  I know I loved it and highly suggest reading this one.

                                     Five Shooting Stars 

Monday, May 7, 2018

Shining Star Award: His Kind of Love by Kate Hawthorne

Title: His Kind of Love
Author: Kate Hawthorne
Publisher: Kate Hawthorne
Genre: MM Contemporary
Pages: 250
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Joel Reading was lonely.

Nineteen years old, estranged from his family and seemingly unable to ever get a second date, he's surrounded himself with the things he loved most: old books and old music.

When one date got out of hand before it even began, Joel found himself displaced from a flooded apartment and on the doorstep of a handsome and older stranger, more than willing to take Joel in for the night.

Gabriel Hunter had waited years for the right man.

When a distressed Joel showed up at his door needing a place to stay, it was more perfect than Gabriel could ever have hoped for. He quickly found himself falling for the complex and beautiful boy he welcomed into his house, and started to believe in a future with the young man he adoringly called, Little Red.

Unfortunately, Gabriel was a man of many secrets, and they threatened to unravel the delicate relationship he was building with Joel.

Would Joel be able to see beyond Gabriel's deliberate omissions and give their love a chance, or would Gabriel's kind of love prove to be more than Joel could handle?

His Kind of Love by author Kate Hawthorne is a very emotionally intense read. I really loved the connection and love in this book.
I will admit, this made me feel weirdly uncomfortable at how much I really did like this one. The twists and turns in this book will make you think.  I liked the mysteriousness of this book as well.
Joel, he loves vintage jazz music. He owns a bookstore, he loves antiques and bibles that have been in people’s families for generations.  He is the kind that wants someone to see him for who he is.
He is estranged from his family, thrown out for being gay. He has not been able to connect in a relationship since. Feels lonely.
Gabriel:  never had a character make me feel anger, love, and sadness like this before. He has had a rough childhood. When you get to know him it is easy to see how he ends up the way he does. He is a soul that loves with all his being. Unconditionally.
This is a really well-written book. I loved the cute names to the chapters as well. There is a deep connection I had with the characters and overall story arc.   When you want a dark, edgy, different kind of love I highly recommend this one.

                      Shining Star Award and Five Shooting Stars 

Permanent Ink by Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn

Title: Permanent Ink
Series: Art and Soul, 1
Author: Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Genre: MM Contemporary
Pages: 256
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
At twenty-three, Poe Montgomery is going nowhere. He still lives in his father’s basement and spends most of his time tagging with his friends. When an arrest lands him in debt, Poe accepts the front desk job at Permanent Ink, the tattoo shop owned by his father’s best friend, Jericho McAslan. Jericho is nearly twice Poe’s age, but with his ink and prematurely graying hair, he quickly takes the starring role in Poe’s hottest fantasies.

Jericho is known for his ability to transform poorly designed tattoos into works of art, but he was once as aimless and misdirected as Poe. Wanting to pay it forward the way someone once did for him, Jericho makes Poe his apprentice and is determined to keep things strictly professional. Easier said than done when Poe makes his interest—and his daddy kink—abundantly clear.

Jericho can’t resist Poe or their intense chemistry for long. But between the age gap, tension with Poe’s father, and Poe’s best friend calling him a sellout, they’ll need to ensure they’re both on the same page before they can rewrite their rocky start into something permanent.

Permanent Ink is the first book in the Art and Soul series by authors Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn.  I really liked this fast-paced romance. The characters are really vivid and well done.
Poe lives at home in his dad’s basement.  He hangs with his friends. When he gets arrested he gets the front desk job at Permanent Ink.
He doesn’t want to screw up this job. He knows he is a screw up so far. But he wants to get his life on track. He just really has no direction yet.
Jericho transforms poorly designed tattoos into works of art again.  He is nearly twice Poe’s age.  And he is Poe’s dad’s best friend. Now he has to choose to either fight the attraction or give into it and possibly lose his best friend in the process.
This story is great. Poe needs Jericho as much as Jericho needs Poe. They each bring something good out in the other person. Poe also proves he can be more mature than his years suggest.
When you want a love story with a great connection, and a little edge to it I highly suggest this one.

                                     Five Shooting Stars