Friday, July 14, 2017

Catching Faete by Maia Dylan, Sarah Marsh and Elena Kincaid

Title: Catching Faete
Series: Beyond the Veil, 4
Author: Maia Dylan, Sarah Marsh and Elena Kincaid
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F, M/F/M
Page Count: 58 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
Publisher Blurb
Beyond the Veil, 4
They say that when one door closes, another opens, but when Erica made her choice to stop a madman, she couldn’t have imagined the price that she would have to pay. The future she’d risked everything for has just changed forever. 
The existence of the Dark Fae and their Goddess comes as a shock, but the fates have one more surprise in store for Erica and her mates in the form of orphaned twin babies who steal their hearts—but these children are not like the Fae Erica is familiar with. They come with powers that she and her husbands know nothing about. The Dark Fae council will watch over them to decide if they are capable of raising the twins, making Ben, Erica, and Leo feel the pressure of having their every move scrutinized. 
When the twins’ dark powers begin to emerge, will one Fae Queen and two warrior shifters have what it takes to navigate the uncertain waters of parenting … and will the Dark Fae council agree to let them try?
Be Warned: ménage sex (MFM), anal sex, double penetration

Erica knew she faced consequences for the way she ended the reign of the false King. She never expected it to cost her her future. But when she is given the opportunity to raise twin orphans as her own will prejudice steal her dreams?
Catching Faete by Sarah Marsh, Maia Dylan and Elena Kincaid is a quick read. It definitely should be read in chronological order as it revisits Erica and her men. I enjoyed seeing Erica and her men after their happily ever after. I loved that Ms. Marsh, Ms. Dylan and Ms. Kincaid showed the chemistry and devotion between Erica, Ben and Leo still survives even with the loss of biological children. But can they still be parents? This addition shows that love can grow and accept. I enjoyed seeing another side of these characters. I also loved that the authors allowed us to have the peek into their new reality.
                               Five Shooting Stars

Grizzly Mountain by Becca Jameson

Title: Grizzly Mountain
Series: Arcadian Bears, 1
Author: Becca Jameson
Publisher: The Hartwood Publishing Group LLC
Genre: MM Paranormal
Pages: 320
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Heather Simmons is excited to start a new job in Alberta, Canada, as a glaciologist. But when a minor accident leaves her trapped on a hiking trail overnight, she finds herself facing a burly mountain man and a pair of grizzly bears. From that moment forward, things could not get weirder.

Isaiah Arthur knows instinctively that Heather is his mate the moment he scents her clothing before heading up the mountain to rescue her. The sensation is confusing since she is obviously human, and converting a human to his species is strictly forbidden.

A rogue shifter takes Heather’s transition out of Isaiah’s hands, however. Isaiah is left with no choice but to take her home and find a way to inform her of her unintended fate, while fighting the intense need to make her his as soon as possible.

The North American governing body, the Arcadian Council, is not amused by the rare turning of a human, and chaos ensues as Isaiah races against the clock to bind his mate to him forever before someone steps in the way and takes the opportunity out of his hands.

Grizzly Mountain is the first book in the Arcadian Bears series by author Becca Jameson. I really enjoyed this first book. The pace is just right, and I loved the character development. This book has the story of Heather and Isaiah.
Heather is a glaciologist. She gets lost in the woods. She is furious with herself because she is experienced at hiking and should have known better. I liked her strength. She is not a weak character. I also liked she can take care of herself. She sees her own short comings and is a tad too hard on herself but over all she is a well rounded person.
Isaiah finds lost people. That is kinda his job. He does it in his bear form. I liked that he does not come on all alpha like. He is a good person who let's Heather be a strong person without losing his masculinity. I think it takes a very strong character to do that.
Over all I really loved this first glimpse into this series. I would love to know more. I would love to read more in the future and find out who falls in love next. 

                              Five Shooting Stars


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Forest of Thorns and Claws by J.T. Hall

Title: Forest of Thorns and Claws
Author: J.T. Hall
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Genre: MM Paranormal
Pages: 192
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Donovan McGinnis, a veterinarian and conservationist at a research center in Sumatra, is fighting to save the rainforest from poachers and politicians alike. One day he discovers a tigress trapped by a snare, and while treating her injuries, she bites him. He becomes ill with strange symptoms that leave him feverish and dreaming of the jungle and blood.

Kersen and his family are part of the Harimau jadian, a clan of tiger shifters hidden away in a secret village near the rainforest. When Kersen’s sister is caught, he knows he must free her before she infects someone with their magic and reveals their secret.

But Donovan has already been turned, and only time will tell if he can control the tiger within. Kersen must help him, but will the fierce attraction between the pair bring ruin to them all? With the rainforest under threat from outside forces, they may be doomed anyway, unless Kersen and Donovan can find a way to defeat the danger from inside and out


Forest of Thorn and Claws by J.T. Hall has the story of Donovan and Kersen.
Donovan part of the group that protects and conserves the rainforest. He wants to protect the forest and all the endangered species in it. He gets a scratch from helping a tiger. Then the strange dreams start, and his life changes forever.
Kersen sees the men take his injured sister away when she is in her tiger form. He wants to protect his people. But he does have a duty to Donovan too. I liked his strength and courage. He is a brave person with a good heart.
Over all for me this would have been a great start to a series. I loved the world introduced. I loved the over all story arc too. The pace of this book is very good as well. I love MM shifter stories and to be introduced to the tigers was interesting and fun. I would look for more from this author in the future, I love to fall in love and this book gave me that and more. 

                                      Five Shooting Stars

One Night with Rhodes by Eden Finley

Title: One Night With Rhodes
Series: One Night, 4
Author: Eden Finley
Publisher: Eden Finley
Genre: MM Contemporary
Pages: 312
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Blair Rhodes considers himself an equal opportunity player. He knew from a young age that he wasn’t entirely straight. Ogling his best friend’s older brother was the first thing that tipped him off. But Garrett Erikson is off limits. Always has been. Garrett is as straight as they come.

Garrett’s reputation as a womaniser precedes him, but it’s not who he is. Not even close. And when Blair turns up on his doorstep, heartbroken over a breakup, Garrett knows it’s a bad idea to go drinking with him.

One night is all it takes for everything to change.

For the past ten years, Garrett’s denied his desires to everyone, including himself.
And as much as Blair wants to be the guy Garrett needs, he needs to protect his own heart. Like his ex-boyfriend always told him: “Never mess with the straight ones. It only leads to trouble.”

One Night with Rhodes is the Fourth book in the One Night series by author Eden Finley. I did not read the previous books and I was not lost reading this story at all. I really love Ms. Finley's fast paced writing style. I feel really super invested in the characters. I loved the over all story arc as well.
Blair and Garrett have a super long complicated history together. Blair is out of the closet. He wants to be himself. He is getting tired of Garrett and his in his life out of his life policy. He wants someone who wants to be with him.
Garrett is confused. He doesn't know what to make of having gay feelings for Blair.
But when they chips are down they always end up together. But can they make that work?
Over all great story with a great pace to it too. I liked both characters and was really happy with how the ending of this book went. Highly recommend for anyone who is a true romantic.

                                   Five Shooting Stars

Single Weretiger DILF by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Title: Single Weretiger DILF
Author: Lizzie Lynn Lee
Publisher: Lizzie Lynn Lee
Genre: MF Paranormal
Pages: 115
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
All curvaceous weretigress Juliette Crabtree ever wanted was a family of her own. When her marriage crumbled apart and she discovered that she couldn’t conceive, Juliette’s heart froze forever. She withdrew from her clan and chose a solitary life—away from other shifters, making sweets in her confiserie, hoping that someday the candies she made would chase away the bitterness in her heart.

Wilhelm was the alpha of his clan and a successful businessman. There were two things he wanted from the curvaceous she-tiger who rented space in his building: 1) he wanted Juliette to date him. 2) He wanted Juliette to open a confectionary boutique shop in his new shopping mall.

But Wilhelm soon finds Juliette lives up to her nickname, “The Subzero Queen.” She isn’t interested in him, romance, or opening a new shop.

When tragedy strikes Wilhelm’s brother and his mate, leaving their twin baby cubs in his care, Juliette miraculously opens her heart when she finds out he became a dad overnight. Can Wilhelm convince Juliette that the family she wanted can be a reality?

Single Weretiger DILF by Lizzie Lynn Lee is a cute fast paced paranormal story I really loved reading. Ms. Lee always brings me stories with great happy endings and this one is no exception. I love the humor and love inside these pages.
Juliette she just wants a family of her own. Her marriage fell apart when her husband found out she could not have children. She withdrew from her clan and leads a solitary life.
She is a great character who has a ton of love to give. She just never had the right opportunity to show it to someone.
Wilhelm is the Alpha of his clan. Successful businessman with his sights set on Juliette.
When his brother and his mate die, Wilhelm has custody of their twins. Juliette tries to resist Wilhelm but she cannot resist the cute twins who need her. How long before she falls for the father of these adorable little ones, after all how long can a heart resist what it really wants?
I loved this story. The ending is perfect. Really spoke to the romantic inside of me. I would love to read more books by Ms. Lee I love falling in love and happy endings.

                                  Five Shooting Stars

Exactly Like You by Lori Sizemore

Title: Exactly Like You
Series: Cupid's Cafe, 1
Author: Lori Sizemore
Publisher: After Glows Publishing
Genre: MF contemporary
Pages: 187
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
An invitation to Cupid’s Café will change your life.

Former social worker Roxie Fisher believes she’s cursed to never find happiness and an invitation to Cupid’s Café isn’t going to change her situation. All the same, against her better judgment, she gives it a try. What else does she have to lose?

After the death of his wife, accountant-turned-firefighter Aidan Craig, can’t stop taking ridiculous risks and never turns down a dare. So an invitation to Cupid’s Café is an offer he can’t refuse. What he doesn’t expect is to meet the social worker who helped him through the darkest days of his life. Now she’s the one struggling, and he’s compelled to help.

The two experience an immediate attraction, but Aidan swore to never become involved in another relationship, and Roxie can’t imagine daredevil Aidan being interested in a boring, cat-rescuer like her.

Can Roxie find the simple joy of taking a risk? Is Aidan willing to risk his heart? Or will they both lose out on a chance at true love?

Exactly Like You is the first book in the Cupid's Cafe series by author Lori Sizemore. I really loved this story. Made me smile as I read it. Beautiful love story I could not get enough of.
Roxie is a former social worker. She believes she is cursed to never find love. She suffers from crippling depression. She gets an invite to the Cupid's Cafe and goes just to make her family happy.
Aidan his wife has died. He is an accountant turned fire fighter. Can't stop taking risks. Never turns down a dare.
Roxie never takes chances.
Aidan seems hell bent on killing himself with the chances he takes. He remembers Roxie she helped him when his wife died. Now he wants to be the one that saves her.
Roxie is worried she is too boring for Aidan.
But Aidan is a decent guy, and he is not going to give up on the one person he has grown to love.
I loved these two. They are what the other needs in life. Perfect for each other.
I would love to read more in this series in the future and find out who falls in love next.

                                   Five Shooting Stars

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bruised by T.T. Kove

Title: Bruised
Series: Bruised, 1
Author: T.T. Kove
Publisher: Artic Circle Press
Genre: MM contemporary
Pages: 142
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Everyone says he’s bad, but to me, he’s been nothing but good.

Everyone says Wynn is bad news, but from the moment he came upon me crying, he's been nothing but good to me. He took me home, comforted me... and he took me to bed. Which I technically shouldn't have done, but the kindness he showed me makes me wish for something I've never had before.

I'm afraid to tell him the truth though like I'm afraid to tell everyone the truth. The whole stipulation of my abusive relationship is to keep it a secret, and no matter how much I want to get away, it's hard to talk about something I've had to keep quiet about for so long.

They say Wynn doesn't have a heart, but I know it's not true. I know Wynn has a big heart, he's just protecting it well—and maybe, just maybe, he can help me out of my unbearable situation before it turns violent.

Bruised is the first book in the Bruised series by author T.T. Kove. This book is told from Kasey's point of view.
Kasey is a victim of a lot of abuse in this book. He sticks it out for love. He is in desperate need of someone to lend him strength so he can stand on his own two feet. Big heart that his abuser takes full advantage of.
Wynn is the club owner where Kasey bar tends. He has piercings and a record. One would think he would be the one to stay away from. That could not be further from the truth. He is kind to a fault and knows Kasey needs him. He is patient and he is strong.
I loved this book. Great angst, great love, and super great connection. Wynn is amazing I could not wait to know more about him. Kasey is stronger than he thinks too. I would love to know more so I would love for there to be more to this series. Over all the story arc is well done and very believable.
I would love to read more in this series in the future. 

                                 Five Shooting Stars