Monday, June 25, 2018

Soul of the Wolves by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Title: Soul of the Wolves
Author: Lizzie Lynn Lee
Publisher: Lizzie Lynn Lee
Pages: 125
Genre/Pairing:  ARC, Paranormal Romance,  Romantic Comedy. MF
Reviewer Name: Vela

Publisher’s Blurb

Vivaciously plump Susan “Sookie” Alkin is blackmailed into marrying a stranger. Her younger brother, Jesse, had been infected with a designer virus that transformed him into a feral, dangerous monster: a manmade werewolf. If she wants Jesse to be cured, she has to play as a mourning widow of a young billionaire alpha who rules the Underworld.

Ethan Hunter, Alpha of the only direwolf pack in North America, recently survived an assassination attempt. He fakes amnesia to flush out the traitor within his own family. Imagine his surprise when his cousin, Cain, brings Ethan’s curvy new bride who he said Ethan had married the night before his accident. It’s bogus, of course, and Ethan plans to punish her as Cain’s accomplice once he sorts everything out. But when Ethan sees her, he immediately knows that the curvaceous Sookie is his mate. A bonded mate.

Ethan then decides to play along with the charade. He tries to coax Sookie into revealing the truth. But Sookie has too much at stake even though the attraction between them grows into an uncontrollable wildfire. The question is can he gain Sookie’s trust because he’s the only one who can help her? If he can’t, then their bond will perish in the upcoming war that will sweep the Underworld.

In Soul of the Wolves by Lizzie Lynn Lee, Sookie must help bale her younger brother out of a sticky situation. She knew digging up a grave in a graveyard would top what her younger brother got in trouble for, still she helped him to grab a package. But when she discovered the beast beneath the sand she didn’t realize she’d enter a new world of werewolves she wasn’t prepared for…
Ethan is an alpha in his pack of werewolves. After surviving a plane crash his group discovered someone sabotaging it, he pretends to have amnesia to collect clues to weed out the traitor. Interested by his pack member Cain’s interest in revealing his apparently new ‘bride’ Sookie, his inner wolf cries out to her. Perhaps life mates did exist?
Thrust among action-packed battles and romantic comedy, Ethan and Sookie are forced to work together. She must pretend to be his bride to keep her brother alive, while he pretends to have amnesia to collect information out of his new ‘bride’. Little do they knew the heat continues to rise.
This was a fantastic read! A rare gem among stories I’ve reviewed in the past with romance twisted with comedy to make the reader laugh. Each action scene was delivered in smooth transitions with tension and drama. Each character had a true purpose among the plot. Loved how the author pieced everything together in the end.
This was a standalone and isn’t in a series. I really enjoyed this read and look forward to more from Ms. Lee in the future.

                Five Shooting Stars 

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