Friday, May 4, 2018

Too Busy for Love by Tamsin Baker

Title: Too Busy For Love
Author: Tamsin Baker
Publisher: Escape Publishing
Genre: MM Contemporary
Pages: 60
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
He needed a job — he never expected to need his boss.

Thomas's life can be pared down to one principle: Be as successful as possible by being as single-minded as possible. But his commitment to his goal is tested upon returning home to his mansion and finding his gorgeous new gardener in his library.

Luke is a student, and his new job is perfect: decent income and a place to study that's quiet, peaceful, and stocked with useful resources. The last thing he expects to find there is a stunning man who offers to open up all the doors that Luke has yet to be brave enough to peek behind.

Thomas is happy to wait for Luke to come to him, but when he does, Thomas has no intention of holding back... 

Too Busy for Love by Tamsin Baker is a fun quick hot read. Luke wants to become an architect right now he is just a gardener for a hot rich guy.  He wants more. When he is given the opportunity to read in the vast library of his employer he takes it.
Thomas is hard working. So hardworking he has not really had any time to explore what he wants in his personal life. One sexy young gardener though will change that.
This is a fast but fun story. I loved the character connection in this story. It really is the glue that brings this story together.  I would definitely want to revisit the characters and see how they do later on.

                               Five Shooting Stars 

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