Sunday, May 6, 2018

To Seek and to Find by Tamryn Eradani

Title: To Seek and to Find
Series: Enchanting Encounters, 1
Author: Tamryn Eradani
Publisher: Nine Star Press
Genre: MF, MM, bdsm
Pages: 159
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
“Project: Notice Me” is a win-win for Kyle. He’ll do a series of demonstrations at the club and have a good time with people he knows and the fledging Doms who are new to the scene and looking for encouragement from an experienced Sub. And maybe along the way, he’ll attract the attention of the new Dom at the club, the one with terrible taste in fashion, but who has the most intense focus Kyle has ever seen. He wants the entirety of the man’s attention on him. The clothes are optional.

To Seek and To Find by Tamryn Eradani is the first book in the Enchanting Encounters series. I really like this start. It is a tiny bit edge and a whole lot of connection going on.
Now if you are a pure MM reader this is not a book for you. The MF scenes might put you off. For me, I don’t mind that Kyle is bisexual.
This story is told from Kyle’s point of view. While first person POV can be pretty limiting in a story, I did like it for this one. I liked getting to know the inner workings of Kyle.
Aiden is a history professor. I like that he is not super alpha male. He is kinda ordinary. But he has a deep need to dominate his partner during sex. He is good at interacting with others. He is all around a very nice person.
Overall a good series start. I would love to explore more in this series in the future.

                                     Five Shooting Stars 

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