Thursday, May 17, 2018

Swipe Right by J.P.Oliver

Series: Fighting For Love, 3
Author:  J.P. Oliver
Publisher: J.P. Oliver
Genre: MM Contemporary
Pages: 156
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Davis has always been a romantic looking for the perfect man—and now that all his friends are paired off, he’s feeling extra lonely. But he’s also more determined than ever, and with some dating apps installed on his phone, he knows he’ll find the right person. That right person is definitely not Paul. 

Paul doesn’t believe in romance and seems happy to sleep with the first guy who shows interested. From the moment they meet, Davis and Paul clash. Yet they keep running into each other, and they’re drawn to one other in a way they can’t quite explain.

Can Paul and Davis find true love even though they are total opposites?

An MM Contemporary Romance 

Swipe Right by author J.P. Oliver is the third book in the Fighting for Love series. This is my first time reading this series. I was not lost starting with this book. The love story stands on its own. I did get the feeling I should know more so you might get more out of this one if you read it in order, but as I said it is not necessary to understand this story.
Paul is a player. He does one-night stands. He is not the forever guy. He thinks love doesn’t happen. Especially to men like him.  He is really jaded. What I did like about him though is he really is a good friend. He listens, offers suggestions, and sees the person for who they are. He doesn’t try to change them. I really think he is better than he gives himself credit for.
Davis is a romantic. He wants the hearts, flowers, and forever love.  He is trying to get that with a dating ap. So far it is not working out for him.  I just loved how adorably cute Davis is. He is sweet, innocent, and he should have the romantic love he wants.
Overall this story is cute, I just loved the characters. The bar is a great place, the men are great to get to know. It is a great read for the romantic at heart.

                                    Five Shooting Stars 

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