Monday, May 7, 2018

Shining Star Award: His Kind of Love by Kate Hawthorne

Title: His Kind of Love
Author: Kate Hawthorne
Publisher: Kate Hawthorne
Genre: MM Contemporary
Pages: 250
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Joel Reading was lonely.

Nineteen years old, estranged from his family and seemingly unable to ever get a second date, he's surrounded himself with the things he loved most: old books and old music.

When one date got out of hand before it even began, Joel found himself displaced from a flooded apartment and on the doorstep of a handsome and older stranger, more than willing to take Joel in for the night.

Gabriel Hunter had waited years for the right man.

When a distressed Joel showed up at his door needing a place to stay, it was more perfect than Gabriel could ever have hoped for. He quickly found himself falling for the complex and beautiful boy he welcomed into his house, and started to believe in a future with the young man he adoringly called, Little Red.

Unfortunately, Gabriel was a man of many secrets, and they threatened to unravel the delicate relationship he was building with Joel.

Would Joel be able to see beyond Gabriel's deliberate omissions and give their love a chance, or would Gabriel's kind of love prove to be more than Joel could handle?

His Kind of Love by author Kate Hawthorne is a very emotionally intense read. I really loved the connection and love in this book.
I will admit, this made me feel weirdly uncomfortable at how much I really did like this one. The twists and turns in this book will make you think.  I liked the mysteriousness of this book as well.
Joel, he loves vintage jazz music. He owns a bookstore, he loves antiques and bibles that have been in people’s families for generations.  He is the kind that wants someone to see him for who he is.
He is estranged from his family, thrown out for being gay. He has not been able to connect in a relationship since. Feels lonely.
Gabriel:  never had a character make me feel anger, love, and sadness like this before. He has had a rough childhood. When you get to know him it is easy to see how he ends up the way he does. He is a soul that loves with all his being. Unconditionally.
This is a really well-written book. I loved the cute names to the chapters as well. There is a deep connection I had with the characters and overall story arc.   When you want a dark, edgy, different kind of love I highly recommend this one.

                      Shining Star Award and Five Shooting Stars 

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