Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Santuario by G.B. Gordon

Title: Santuario
Series: Santuario, 1
Author: G.B.  Gordon
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Genre: MM, scifi futuristic  
Pages: 224
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Police teniente Alex Rukow has spent his life trapped on Santuario, his people’s isolated home-slash-prison-island. They’ve been living in poverty under the tyrannical regime of their own elite familias for the last two-hundred years, ever since their generation ship landed on the planet and found it already populated by earlier Earth settlers, the Skanians, who banished them to the inhospitable south.

Increasingly shamed by the decisions of their ancestors, the Skanians seek to open their borders. But dissent exists on both sides, and in the midst of this explosive political situation, a dead body appears on the island.

Bengt, a Skanian investigator, is shipped to Santuario to lead the murder investigation—which, he quickly realizes, the local teniente wants nothing to do with. As far as Bengt is concerned, things can’t get worse than the brutal climate, his own memories, and a growing attraction to a partner who will barely say two words to him. But then he and Alex run afoul of the local familias, and the problems with their investigation and their budding relationship seem like nothing compared to just getting out of this whole mess alive

Santuario by author G.B. Gordon is the first in the Santuario series. I love this start to a very original scifi story. I liked this one a lot usually scifi is not a genre I read a ton of, but I would if they were like this one. Loved it. I tend to not like overly complicated stories. When I read I want something I can sink into but not have to I guess think too hard?  I just wanna relax and enjoy myself. This book does that for me.
Alex is a police Teniente.  He has spent his life on Santuario.  It is an island his people live on. They are mostly poor being rule by the elite rich of their kind.
Skanians have also colonized this planet but they have the majority of the land because they were there first and shoved Alex’s people kinda out of the way.
Bengt is an investigator from Skanian side.  He is there to investigate a murder.
As these two works together they learn a whole lot about each other and their places in the world.  Really well-written story and well thought out. I was not lost, and I did not need to keep notes to read this one. I loved it. I am looking forward to many more from this series in the future.

                                  Five Shooting Stars 

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