Friday, May 4, 2018

Rebound by Sabrina York

Title: Rebound
Series: Tryst Island, 1
Author: Sabrina York
Publisher: Sabrina York
Genre: MF Contemporary
Pages:  74
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Kristi Cross has had the hots for her friend, Cameron Jackson as long as she can remember, but she knows she’s not his type. She’s nothing like the women he dates. So when he suggests they play for a kiss over a game of Hearts, Kristi can’t resist. Even if she loses, she wins. Because she’s finally going to taste him.

Of course, one kiss can quickly become something altogether steamier, especially when both parties are on the rebound…

Fall in Love on Tryst Island… When a group of friends share a vacation house, wild hijinks, unexpected hook-ups and steamy sex ensue. 

 Rebound is the first book in the Tryst Island series by author Sabrina York. This book is amazing.  I so want more now.  This has humor, love, and hot sizzling sex thrown in.  I love friends who become lover’s stories, and this one is perfect.
Kristi has ended a relationship with a less than a stellar boyfriend.  She goes to Tryst Island in hopes she can get her mind off the jerk.
Cameron is there recovering from a bad break up of his own.
Maybe together they can help each other recover.  But the question is, is this just for the now or does this relationship having staying power.
This is a cute, fun, and steamy read. Highly recommend to the truly romantic out there.  I cannot wait for more from this great series.

                                  Five Shooting Stars 

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