Saturday, May 5, 2018

Mine to Hold by Shona Husk

Title: Mine to Hold
Series: Dirty Sexy Space, 4
Author: Shona Husk
Publisher:  Shona Husk
Genre: MFM Futuristic Sci Fi
Pages: 148
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Getting caught between two lovers has never been more dangerous.

Captain Leo Grady is making his third trip to Solitaire. He’s spent five years in space and is ready for a change. Not wanting to go back to Earth, he’s chosen to pay off on Solitaire. All he needs is a woman willing to be his wife. Given that women are heavily outnumbered on the fleet of first settlers he knows he can’t sit around and wait. He has to act.

Vance Knox has been working with vet, Silke Rask, for the last six months. He fancies her, but refuses to do anything about it because he still has a twenty year sentence to serve. He has nothing to offer any lover and he expects nothing. He made his choices a long time ago. But it burns to see her getting closer to Grady.

Silke is torn between the sensible choice of Grady and the more dangerous attraction she has for Vance, but as secrets are revealed she realizes that she has to fight for what she wants. Not everyone on the ship is there because they earned their place, and old Earth money still has power.

When disaster strikes and threatens the lives of everyone on board she realizes that sometimes no choice has to be made. Why should love have limits?

Mine to Hold is the fourth book in the Dirty Sexy Space series by author Shona Husk.  This is my first time reading the series and I was not lost starting with this one.
This is a story about Silke, Vance and Captain Leo.   Leo is transporting human colonists to a new destination. He has decided to join them. He is tired of always moving around. He wants a family and a home.
I liked the people in this book, not just the main characters. There is a sense of real companionship and connection with them all.
Vance, he has been a prisoner for a crime he is not sorry for. He is now helping the local veterinarian with the animals on the ship.
He has many secrets. He is not willing to share them at first.
Silke, she is the Vet. She is in charge of all the animals on the voyage. She is also facing her own dilemmas.  Like her definition of love. She thought it was one way now she is discovering she wants more.
She is a strong character. I liked her a lot she has real vulnerability and lots of strength that kept me turning the pages.
Overall this is a great read. I cannot wait for more from this series in the future.

                             Five Shooting Stars 

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