Friday, May 4, 2018

Escape by Sydney Holmes

Title: Escape
Series: Part One
Author: Sydney Holmes
Publisher: Crespi House Publishing
Genre: MF Contemporary suspense
Pages: 192
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
USA Today Best Selling Author, Sydney Holmes, brings you a smoking hot trilogy that will keep you up all night!

“Suspenseful, romantic, and hot!”

ESCAPE~ A Romantic Suspense Mystery in Three Parts
Part One


When beautiful and mysterious Rowan Baker moves in upstairs from Shane Adams, he is instantly captivated. With every encounter he becomes more intrigued, but as an experienced Private Investigator, he can’t shake the suspicion that Rowan is holding on to some big secrets.

Rowan has been on the run for years and she’s good at keeping her distance from people. But there’s something about Shane that’s completely tantalizing. Soon, her life becomes more complicated than she ever expected, making her secrets harder and harder to keep. The closer she gets to Shane, the more she fears that he won’t accept her if he learns the truth about her past. When she is forced to let go of one of her secrets, will Shane stay, or will Rowan push him so far away he can’t make his way back?

Escape Part One is the first book in a three-part trilogy by author Sydney Holmes.   I loved the blend of romance and suspense. Really keeps you guessing. I also very much enjoyed the characters.
Shane is an experience P.I. he knows there is something going on with his new neighbor and it is not good.
Rowan is experienced at keeping people at arm’s length.  She has to be. But turns out she needs Shane. And he might the only guy who can save her.
This one is really interesting and page-turning story.  Full of suspense, and great chemistry.  The one draws back for me is the cliffhanger ending. I am not a fan of those. But I guess you have to read all three parts to get the full story. This one is an into and will leave you with many unanswered questions. I did, however, enjoy reading this one and look forward to parts two and three in the future.  

                                        Four Twinkling Stars 

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