Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Dom by Jason Collins

Title: Dom
Author: Jason Collins
Publisher: Jason Collins
Genre: MM, Contemporary, DS only
Pages: 192
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb

For the past four years, I’ve kept a tightly guarded secret. I want a man to take control.

There are three reasons why I decide to go to Dom Prescott’s hotel room that night. First is the dominant way he glares at me in the bar. Second is the room number scribbled on his cocktail napkin with the word “come”. Last, but perhaps most important, is the assumption that my scandalous night with the sexy stranger will remain confidential and private.

After tonight, I will move to New York to work for my father’s marketing firm, and I can’t add the stress of dealing with a relationship, but it’s been so long since I felt a man inside me. So, I make a promise to myself. I’ll indulge my most submissive desires for one night only. When I get to New York, my focus will be on the job.

Imagine my surprise when I show up for my first day of work and realize that the stranger who absolutely owned me in bed is my new boss.


Cute. Inexperienced. His big eyes beg me to take charge.

I can handle that. What I can’t handle are the feelings that come afterward. On the cusp of my big promotion to partner, there can’t be any distractions.

And boy is this guy a distraction.

One night of indulging my darkest desires with the gorgeous Sean, but it has to end when he walks out the hotel door. Returning to New York means returning my focus to the job.

So, what am I supposed to do when my boss tells me to show his son the ropes?

Note to readers: This is a spicy MM romance with a twist. While Dom is aggressive and dominant, this is not a BDSM book. Readers can expect two red-hot men and several steamy scenes that will leave you gasping. 

Dom by author Jason Collins is an intense read that I loved and wanted more of.  This explores the D/S side of BDSM.   It is not hardcore at all it is very light. It adds another dimension to this book. I liked how the trust builds with that throw in.
Sean wants a man to dominate him. He feels though he cannot take the chance, so he wants to do it on the down low. He feels he has to live up to what others want for him rather than what he wants for himself.
I liked how he grew in this book. Dom teaches Sean to like himself I really appreciated that and loved seeing Sean become the man he always had inside of him.
Dom, he falls for the sweet Submissive with the huge eyes.  They both think this is just a one-night thing. That is till Dom ends up being Sean’s new boss. Now Dom cannot keep his hands to himself or stop being distracted by Sean.
Really great connection with the characters. The pacing of this book is really good too.  If you are a true romance lover like myself I highly suggest this one. Intense, funny, and memorable.

                                      Five Shooting Stars 

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