Monday, May 7, 2018

Auction Action by Andrew Grey

Title: Auction Action
Author: Andrew Grey
Publisher: Riverdale Ave Books  
Genre: MM Contemporary
Pages: 67
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Art isn’t the only thing a man can find at an auction…

Frederick Holloway is a successful antiques dealer with a clientele that he likes to keep happy. When one of his most important clients asks him to attend a charity auction to buy a painting for her, Frederick agrees. What he didn’t expect was the Greek god with the face of the Marlboro man who is his main competitor for the artwork.

Duncan never expected to meet such a powerful and commanding man in such a small package. He likes it, really likes it! Frederick can give him something he desperately needs. But are they playing around? Is something deeper developing? Or is Duncan still trying to get an angle on the work of art that he lost at the auction... or embracing a worthy opponent? 

Auction Action by author Andrew Grey is a fast-paced emotion fill read. I really liked this one. I would like for there to be more books with these two in it. I feel they have much more to tell us. Or at least another story around the painting. There is something there.
Frederick is a successful antique dealer. He works very hard. He is attending a charity auction to purchase a painting for one of his higher-end customers.
He is also a dominant.
Duncan is a submissive. He is a wealthy man also interested in the painting.  He has not had a whole lot of love in his childhood. So he is looking for love now.
These two together are a really sweet couple. They each have what the other needs.  I also liked how the painting and lore were used. Overall a fast-paced great read.

                                          Five Shooting Stars 

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