Sunday, April 8, 2018

Trust Love by Ashe Moon

Series: Leipold Brothers, 2 omegaverse
Author: Ashe Moon
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: MM Contemporary, Male Pregnancy
Pages: 256
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
An M/M Omegaverse Mpreg Romance

An alpha and omega who’ve forgotten how to love…

Omega William Leipold has always chosen the wrong alphas. Since leaving his abusive first ex, he’s had to raise their son Nate all on his own, and through eight years of struggle he’s managed to do well for himself. But after a string of failed relationships with alphas way too similar to his ex, William decides that love just isn’t worth risking everything he’s built for his family.

Back when Dakota Cloud was a young alpha growing up on an army base in Japan, he had a bad habit of seeking out trouble. Now, in Los Angeles, he's found a way to temper his wild ways by dedicating himself to his ramen restaurant, Send Noods. Dakota has never wanted to have a boyfriend—until William shows up for a bowl of his hot noods.

William is convinced he’s been cursed to fall for alphas who will hurt him in the end, but he badly wants to believe that Dakota is different. Can he learn to trust love?

Trust, Love is a steamy, passion-filled omegaverse romance with mpreg themes, and features a delicious mixture of angst, drama, sweetness and humor. The love scenes are numerous and extrahot, just the way you like them! Mature readers only!

This book is a followup companion novel to My Next Door Omega, and can be fully enjoyed and read independently. No cliffhangers, and a definite HEA!

NOTE: This story features some scenes of violence and descriptions of physical abuse.

Trust Love is a follow up to My Next Door Omega by author Ashe Moon.  Though a follow-up book I felt you could read this one as a standalone. The only thing that might confuse you is how the universe works it is assumed you already know this and not explained in this book, but it is super easy to catch on too.  I personally adore this book.  It has angst, love, and such a connection between the men in this book I could not stop reading it.
Dakota grew up on an army base. He has a habit of finding trouble. He has dedicated himself to staying out of trouble in LA. He runs a Raman shop.  (he also made me so hungry for real Raman you have no idea, do not read this book on an empty stomach)
William has nightmares about his abusive ex. His parents have disowned him. He has a son. And stays with his older brother Parker.  He is safe but not from his past.

Overall this is a great story with lots of love and connection. There are a couple of places you must suspend belief and the story runs slow. But other than that, a great read for the truly romantic at heart to read. 

                            Four Twinkling Stars 

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