Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Trust and Obey by TS McKinney

Author:  TS McKinney
Publisher:  Painted Hearts Publishing
Genre: MM, contemporary BDSM
Pages: 258
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
For the past few years, Landry has been able to tuck the horrors of his past into a nice, neat compartment inside his head. He’s been focused on his future instead of dwelling on a past he can’t change. All this changes when Jericho Brookes struts into his life. Piece by piece, Brookes tears down the walls surrounding Landry’s heart – leaving him raw and vulnerable. Every time they’re together, Landry opens up more…gives more. Can Brookes be trusted with Landry’s heart?

When Landry’s past comes calling, will Brookes be friend or foe?

Trust and Obey by author TS McKinney is a fast pace but really intense read. I loved the connection and love the characters have. There is a depth here and the bdsm just brings them closer.
Landry is a submissive he uses it to escape his demons inside. Goes to a dark place in his life. He uses sex to hide from the pain. He has panic attacks it has been years since he has felt as helpless as he does right now.  Opening the club is scary for him.

Brookes is dominate enough to scare Landry. He wants to make Landry pay for taking the man he considered his. But the more he gets to know Landry he is finding he might not know what he thinks he knows and he is falling for the submissive.
Really great well-written story. Had me from page one. I loved the characters and wouldn’t mind this being a series. I can see man other characters I would want more from as well in the future in this story.  This is a story for the keeper shelf.

                            Five Shooting Stars 

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