Monday, April 16, 2018

Total Surrender by Opal Carew

Series: Erotic Romance Collection
Author:  Opal Carew
Publisher: Opal Carew
Genre: MF bdsm
Pages: 226
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
An Erotic Romance Collection

From New York Times Bestselling Author Opal Carew whose books have won numerous awards, comes this collection of sizzling erotic romances tales.

Surrender to your deepest desires in Total Surrender.

Jacqueline will do anything she can to save her brother-in-law. Race Danner is the only one with the power to help. In this game, Race holds all the cards.

Played by the Master an exciting and humorous story of Domination and submission, where breaking the rules of the game is where the fun begins, when Jacqueline crashes a billionaire’s exclusive poker game in order to seduce him into granting a favor to save her sister, but instead finds herself Played by the Master.
Warning: This story has Domination, submission, bondage, punishment, and a lot of other fun things, plus explicit, wild sexual encounters. After all, if you’re going to play, play hard! ;)

Hot steamy dreams...a handsome stranger...and his two brothers... all add up to an exciting adventure she'll never forget.
Warning: This intriguing story is scorching hot, and not for the faint of heart

Her ultimate sexual fantasy brought to life...

Sylvia loves to read erotica, and after her latest read, she’s developed a sizzling fantasy about submitting to the sexual whims of four incredibly hot business partners. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she’d have the opportunity to live out her fantasy... until her friend decides to make it happen. Now she’s about to become an office slave… to four hunky men she’s never even met. But faced with the reality, can she actually go through with it?
Warning: Ditto! 

Total Surrender by author Opal Carew is a collection of erotic bdsm stories. I really love this author. The ability to write a story that is both memorable and intense is truly amazing.
There are three stories in this collection.
Played by the Master
The Office Slave
Played by the Master-  has the story of Jacqueline she will do anything to save her family.
Race is the only man who can help her.  There was one flaw in this story for me. One minute she is saving a brother in law the next she is saving her sister.  It confused me some. I get the sister could be married to the brother in law just the way it was stated in the story was confusing for me.
Three was really super confusing. Felt like I need to keep a list for everything going on. 
The Office Slave has Sylvia who loves to read erotica. I liked her girl after my own heart.
I will say this the last two stories are more sex driven than story driven. So for me, the first story was my favorite. I like more story driven plots.

Over all there are a ton of advertisements in this book, I would have rather had more story than lists of other books to read.
The story writing is great. I was just not impressed with how this over all collection was put together.  Good reads through the three stories and Ms Carew is always worth picking up.

                                    Four Twinkling Stars 

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