Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Hesitant Husband by Mae Hanley

Title:  The Hesitant Husband
Series:   Reunited, 1
Author: Mae Hanley
Publisher:   After Glows Publishing
Genre and Pairing: MM  Contemporary
Page Count: 53
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb:  
Waking up with a strange man in his bed has never happened. It’s an impossibility. Not only is there a man in his bed, he’s turning Alex on. Stirring a desire to explore the feeling he hasn’t felt in over a decade, and would never act upon. After all, Alex is straight. Isn’t he?

Jacob has loved Alex since high school. As a closeted youth, he never acted on his attraction to his best friend, and then they lost touch when he moved away for college. But a decade later, he sees Alex across the room in a crowded Vegas bar. Jacob refused to lose the love of his life again and in a drunken stupor proposed.

Now the two men must work through their issues and desires to achieve the happiness neither thought they’d have; to be reunited as they were destined to be.

The Hesitant Husband starts off the Reunited series by author Mae Handley.  I liked this short fast-paced story. There were a few bumps in the road but overall a great read.
I didn’t really like how whiny Alex was at first. He got better though as I kept reading.
Jacob has always loved Alex.  He would do anything for him. And he really does too. I liked his spirit and drive.  He is a good man with a huge heart.
Alex, he is confused. Very confused about both his personal life and his professional one. He spends most of the book discovering himself. It is a journey I am glad I got to go on.
Overall a great quick read that has some compelling, yet flawed characters, that I enjoyed getting to know.

                         Five Shooting stars 

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