Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Cop and His Omega by Beau Brown

Author:  Beau Brown
Publisher:  Beau Brown
Genre: MM, Male Pregnancy
Pages: 163
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Mpreg Romance

Brock Pilot always wanted to be a school psychologist, and he worked hard to make that happen. His first assignment is at his old high school and reality isn’t quite living up to fantasy. But he’s passionate about his career and even though the alpha/omega society he lives in expects him to settle down and have a bunch of babies, he isn’t interested.

Trevor Campbell pulls Brock over one afternoon and immediately recognizes Brock as the kindhearted boy who’d shown him around on his first day of school years ago. He’d always had a tiny crush on Brock, but they didn’t run in the same crowd, so they never really got close. But he’s always remembered how warm Brock was to him.

When the two run into each other yet again at a club, their mutual attraction sparks. Neither man is interested in anything serious, but they both enjoy each other’s company. They decide a friends with benefits type of relationship is just about perfect. Everything is hot, and fun and drama free.

Until Brock gets pregnant.

The Cop and His Omega is a 42, 000 word Mpreg Romance with lots of hot scenes and a HEA guaranteed. 

The Cop and His Omega by author Beau Brown is written in dual POV.  I particularly like that style it allows me in the head of both characters.  I really liked the speed and over all story arc of this book. There are a few places to suspend belief but overall a really good story that I fell in love with.
Brock is a school psychologist.  He is an omega.  Compassionate and a good listener. He has not had a date in many years. Really good at reading his kids and connecting with them.  He sometimes over shares but it gives him a good connection to the kids. He is very good at his job and good friend to have.
Trevor is an alpha. He is a cop.  They went to the same high school when they were teens. They were not friends per say but he always had thought kindly of Brock.

When they are thrown together the sparks really fly. They both have trust issues to get over, but they really are two nice guys who deserve a happy ending. When you want a face paced male pregnancy romance I recommend this one. 

                               Five Shooting Stars 

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