Monday, April 30, 2018

Tame A Wild Human by Kari Gregg

 Title: Tame A Wild Human
Author: Kari Gregg
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Genre: MM, futuristic scifi, paranormal
Pages: 85
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Drugged, bound, and left as bait on the cusp of the lunar cycle, Wyatt Redding is faced with a terrifying set of no-win scenarios. Best case: he survives the coming days as a werewolf pack’s plaything and returns to the city as a second-class citizen with the mark—and protection—of the pack. Worst case: the wolves sate their lusts with Wyatt’s body, then send him home without their protection, condemning him to live out the rest of his short life as a slave to the worst of humanity’s scorn and abuse.

Wyatt’s only chance is to swallow every ounce of pride, bury his fear, and meekly comply with every wicked desire and carnal demand the wolf pack makes of him. He expects three days of sex and humiliation. What he doesn’t expect is to start enjoying it. Or to grow attached to his captor and pack Alpha, Cole.

As the lunar cycle ends, Wyatt begins to realize that the only thing to fear more than being sent home without the pack’s protection is being sent home at all.

This book has a very primal feel to it. Which I think suits the world it is in. Tame a Wild Human by Kari Gregg though has a few problems.
One the author doesn’t really explain a whole lot about why the world is the way it is. I think if this book was part of a series, that would help.  But the way it stands it feels futuristic in some ways almost dystopian like.  But it is not established anywhere.
Also, this book is a reprint with from what I can see very little changes.  So, all getting this book should know that.
Wyatt has been drugged.  He is tossed out into the woods so the wolves can have him during their full moon.  His brother has sold him off. Wyatt in the real world is a lawyer.  He is terrified.
He is gang-raped by the wolves.  He submits because he would like to be alive when this is done.
I was not a fan of that. Nor the ending of this book.  There are twists and turns, a whole lotta sex too. 
If you like forced captive sex this is the book for you. If you are more a romantic like myself this book might be one for you to skip.

                                 Four Twinkling Stars 

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