Saturday, April 14, 2018

Taking a Chance by Emjay Haze

Author: Emjay Haze
Publisher: Ninestar Press
Genre: MM Contemporary
Pages: 423
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Recent college graduate, Ethan Moore, flies to San Francisco for a job interview with an advertising firm. That evening, he goes to a gay club where meets a gorgeous man who seduces him, but leaves his hotel room in the morning with only a note. A few weeks later, Ethan begins his new job and discovers that the man he slept with is his boss, Chance Harlow. He's fallen for the playboy, but wants to keep their relationship strictly professional. His efforts fail miserably as Ethan keeps succumbing to Chance’s advances.

Ethan is selected to accompany Chance to Bali for a huge account. He will be spending ten days at a luxurious resort with the man he's fallen in love with. Chance has made his intentions known, and he won't pressure him, but if Ethan doesn't want him, there are plenty of men who will. Ethan struggles with this until one evening they are in the hot tub with two hot swingers who want to play. He flees after watching Chance make out with one of the men. Will Ethan finally give in to the playboy, or did his actions lose him the man he loves? 

Taking a Chance by Emjay Haze has the story of two men who never knew how much they needed love in their life till they get it.
Ethan is a recent college graduate.  He is going for his first big job.  He goes to a gay club to blow off some steam and meets a man and gets a one night stand out of it.
Chance is the kind of guy who works hard and plays hard. He thinks he is going to a bar to blow off steam.
But when fate has other plans will these two be able to take a chance on love?
There is great chemistry in this book. I loved Chance he is intense and a little rough around the edges.  Ethan is more the skittish colt type and together they are well worth the read.
When you want a true love story with a twist I suggest this one highly.

                              Five Shooting Stars 

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