Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saved by Karrie Roman

Author: Karrie Roman
Publisher: Ninestar Press
Genre: MM Contemporary
Pages: 215
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Detective Jack Mitchell is not a people person. After fourteen years dealing with the monsters of society, he has learned to keep people at arm’s length. Failing is his biggest frustration, and on the case of his career, he is having no luck hunting down a copycat serial killer…or the one man who survived the original case.

Six years ago, Will Blaikie was taken by a monster who changed his life forever. Narrowly surviving, he has become a prisoner in his own home. Friendless and alone, he watches in horror as a new monster emerges who only wants to copy the murderous deeds of Will’s monster…including taking Will.

When these two men are thrown together, and the monster comes for them both, one must learn to feel safe and protected, and the other must learn to feel love and peace. 

Saved by Karrie Roman is a gritty read that has a who dun it type quality to it. I loved this one. Great mystery and intense romance.
Jack is trying to catch a copycat killer. He doesn’t have the best people skills. He is the last person you want comforting you. He sees the seedier side of humanity and it has jaded him.
Will could tolerate small groups of people.  He doesn’t trust anyone. Holds up in his apartment.  He is terrified. He doesn’t know anything about the cases and doesn’t want to rehash the past.   He was a victim and held captive and doesn’t want a repeat of the past ever.
They think because the last killer wanted Will to be like him. Made will watch killings and brought home, someone, for him to kill that he might be the new copycat killer.
Jack, however, doesn’t believe that he just has to prove it.

These two have had the worse happen to them and survived. They are stronger than they think and together they set the sheets on fire. I loved this mystery thriller and want more in the future. 

                               Five Shooting Stars 

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