Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sam's Promise by Anne Rainey

Series: Blackwater, 1
Author: Anne Rainey
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Genre: MF, contemporary
Pages: 120
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Sam Jennings has come home for Thanksgiving to find the family business on the brink of bankruptcy and his mother fighting for her life. As he sets out to put things right with the business, The Blackwater Restaurant, he runs into his first snag—in the form of a curvy brunette. Julie Rose might be the best waitress in Blackwater, but she has more thorns than a damn porcupine. So why can't Sam stop thinking about her long legs and sassy mouth?
Julie isn't about to get mixed up with her boss's son. He might be tall, dark, and handsome, but he's way too arrogant and not at all her type. Sam is as hard as steel and just about as cuddly as a bear. Besides, between her business classes and waitressing, Julie has very little energy left over for playtime. Too bad her libido hasn't gotten the memo.
Each novella in the Blackwater Series is a standalone story and can be enjoyed in any order.
Book 1: Sam’s Promise
Book 2: Vance’s Rules
Book 3: Breaking Brodix
Book 4: Reilly’s Wildcard
Book 5: River’s Redemption

Sam’s Promise by Anne Rainey is the first book in the Blackwater series. This is a great start to what promises to be an intense and angsty series. I adored this one and want more from the series in the future.
Sam is the oldest, jack of all trades brother.  Shier than his other brothers. He hangs back.  He is serious, driven, and very protective of those he loves.
Julie is a waitress at the diner. She had taken care of her grandmother who died of cancer. Now is starting her own path in life.
When Sam’s mom has a heart attack at the diner she has Julie with her. Julie is sweet, shy, and determined to be self-reliant.
I loved the family dynamics in this story. Builds a great foundation to build this series on. I want to know more about all the brothers, the diner, everything. There is intense heat, and love, that kept me turning the pages as well.  I cannot wait to see what happens next and to whom.

                             Five Shooting Stars

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