Sunday, April 22, 2018

Phenex's Retribution by Ravenna Tate

Series: Demon Wheels MC, 4
Author: Ravenna Tate
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: MF, Contemporary
Pages: 195
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
They don’t call her Wonder Tongue for nothing, but Meghan Sanders longs to be more than a sweetbutt, cook, and bartender at Scotty’s Place – the posh strip club the Demons on Wheels MC owns. She wants Phenex. She’s held that secret in her heart, never daring to wonder if he felt the same way. Because if he knew her past, why would he want her?

Phenex, the Demons on Wheels MC Road Captain, finds it difficult to get close to anyone. A tragic event in his childhood keeps him emotionally closed and distant. When he accidentally uncovers something hidden in Meghan’s past, a stronger bond than great sex begins to form. He’s had a thing for this extraordinary woman for two years, but she doesn’t know that.

Can these two heal old wounds that hold their hearts captive, and find love with one another? Or is it too late?

Phenex’s Retribution by author Ravenna Tate is the fourth book in the Demons Wheels Mc series. I have not read this series in order and I was not lost. I there are characters you can tell are from other books in there but if you don’t know them it is totally fine.
This book has the story of Megan and Phenex.
These bikers are rough, the language used reflects that as well. Very gritty in both what they do and the language they use. I found it added to the authenticity of the storyline itself.
Megan is known in the biker gang as wonder tongue.  She has horrible pains in her stomach from nerves. She works as a bartender and in the kitchen for the gang.
She is a tough but sweet character. She knows her job, she pulls her weight, but she needs love too.
She needs someone to say enough for her cause she tries to take on way too much otherwise.
Phenex he is round around the edges to say the least. He has had an extremely hard life. I found though he has deep feelings. He has a lot of love to give to the right woman.
Together these two make a great couple they each balance the other out in some way.  I found them to have really great chemistry as well.
I also would love to know more about the bikers and the world they live in. I cannot wait for more.
When you want a gritty romance with a ton of heat in it I would pick this one up. Great series I can highly recommend.

                       Five Shooting Stars

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