Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Omega Sanctuary by Alice Shaw

Title:  Omega Sanctuary
Series:   Northern Pack Alliance, 1
Author: Alice Shaw
Publisher:   Alice Shaw
Genre and Pairing: MM Paranormal apocalyptic
Page Count: 222
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb:  
An M/M MPREG Romance

I fell in love with the enemy.
He was dangerous. So dangerous.
Cocky. Conceited. Hardened.
He was my omega.

Carter Thompson is an alpha wolf shifter, an outcast in the human world. Sanctuary city is his last hope. He just has to find it. But his plans are turned upside down when he’s caught in the rifle sight of a handsome soldier with a huge secret.

As a soldier for the humans, twenty-eight-year-old omega Liam is granted a life of minuscule privileges, until a surprise pregnancy puts his fragile safety in mortal danger. Now Sanctuary City is Liam and his baby’s last chance. But an irresistible attraction to a rebel alpha soldier may be his downfall.

Escaping with Carter Thompson is a desperate roll of the dice. Falling in love shouldn’t be in the cards. They are opposites, but both understand loss and both want a better future. Will that be enough to keep them together as Liam’s former comrades in arms close in?

*This paranormal gay mpreg romance is a full length 50k novel, complete with a HEA. This book is the first in the Northern Pack Alliance series and can be read as a standalone. No cliffhangers!*r


Northern Pack Alliance starts out with Omega Sanctuary by author Alice Shaw. This book I could not put down. I loved this story. I felt it was a new take on Alpha/ Omega pairings.  I also felt the connection with these characters. I was completely invested in them having a happy ending.  Also, I was so invested in Carter’s dad. a really great secondary character I fell in love with too.
Carter, he is the last of the Grey Wolves. Many of the Grey Wolves had to register if they were over the age of 30. You have to register not only you but everything you own or do.  Carter’s dad does not believe in doing this. So, he and Carter have never registered. Grey Wolves are known to be fighters and Carter along with his dad are fighters.
Liam is part of a group that hunts down his own kind. He is an Alpha. He has done this to survive. He is alone and had to do something so he could live. If you cannot beat them join them. That is until he meets Carter and his dad. Now he has someone to fight for. But can he escape and find peace?
There is a ton going on in this story. I liked that a lot. I loved the pacing of this story, it feels like it goes just right.  I also just want more from this series. I wanna know what happens next, to whom and how. Bring on the wolves and those they love.

                                    Five Shooting Stars 

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