Saturday, April 21, 2018

Omega Revealed by Tanya Chris

Series: Omega Re, 2
Author: Tanya Chris
Publisher:  Tanya Chris
Genre: MM, Paranormal
Pages: 137
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Gage is a typical omega—submissive, domestic, eager-to-please ... horny. But he wasn’t born with all the right equipment or the right smell. Living as a beta wolf is too painful, so he’s been hiding out in the human world. Then his sister turns up on his doorstep running from an unwanted claiming, and Gage is forced into Northern Pack territory to seek asylum.

Ryker’s a typical alpha—dominant, wild, protective … horny. But living in Northern Pack territory has taught him that omegas shouldn’t be forced into traditional roles, so he’s been making do with porn and fantasy, not wanting to be that alpha. Ryker isn’t sure why Gage triggers all his protective instincts, but he knows Gage needs him, and Gage is exactly the omega he’s been looking for.

When Ryker meets Gage, the attraction is instantaneous, but it can only be temporary. Ryker was built to live in wolf territory and that’s the one thing Gage will never do. As soon as he gets his sister settled, he’ll flee the Northern Pack and the alpha he’s always dreamed of belonging to. Unless love, with a little help from science, can find another way …

Omega Revealed is a M/M shapeshifter non-MPREG alpha/omega novella.

Content warning: body dysphoria 

Omega Revealed by author Tanya Chris is the second book in the Omega Re series. I found this is a good story and didn’t have to be read in order to be understood.
This is written in dual POV.  I like this POV the best. It allows me to get inside both character’s heads and get how they feel in a more personal manner.
Gage is a Beta he is really an Omega at heart, but his smell and build have placed him as a Beta.  He really hates it. He usually stayed the human world where he didn’t have to deal with alpha, omega, betas.  He could just be himself.
He really wanted an Alpha of his own to love. One who makes him feel small, protected, sexual but he knows he can never have that.
Ryker is an Alpha. He is dominant, protective.  He doesn’t see Omegas as having one roll. He is progressive in this thinking. When he connects with the most unlikely Omega he must make his mate believe that he can be who he is and Ryker will love him anyway.
I liked this story is about being accepted just the way you are. I think we all want that. This story did a great job of investing me as the reader and making me want more. When you want a romance with heart and soul I highly suggest this one.

                               Five Shooting Stars 

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