Tuesday, April 24, 2018

My Billionaire Captor by Toby Aden

Series: Prequel
Author: Toby Aden
Publisher:  Toby Aden
Genre: MM, contemporary
Pages: 78
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Shawn Pierce is a freelance photographer. He makes his living taking pictures of any and everything. Just when he hits the biggest contract of his career, a surprise visit from his estranged twin’s boss turns his life upside down. Billionaire Alejandro Rivera lives by the code, work hard and play harder, except, all he ever seems to do is play. With his money basically managing itself, no one ever expected him to keep a close watch on his finances until he noticed amidst his vast wealth, the huge chunk missing.

Tracking down the traitor Shane Pierce seemed the logical thing to do except his search turned up Shawn instead of Shane. With the gorgeous twink pushing all his buttons and Alejandro unwilling to forgo his leverage, he whisks Shawn away to his private island, keeping him prisoner until he gets what’s owed him.

My Billionaire Captor by Toby Aden is a really fast-paced story. I found this one really good quick read that makes me want more.
Shawn is a freelance photographer.  He is the victim of being a twin.  Alejandro is looking for Shawn’s twin who stole money from him.
Shawn wakes up to Alejandro shouting he owes him money. Alejandro for his part has no clue he has the wrong twin.
Shawn does not speak to his family, that includes his twin. He works hard and is a good person.
Alejandro takes Shawn hostage to make him pay up. Well, that case of mistaken identity goes wrong for both men. I found there to be a humor, love, and a whole lot of fun in this book too.
Alejandro is not a very good captor he cannot seem to stop wanting to make love to his hostage. He feels sorry for Shawn and wants him at the same time.

With all that mixed up inside these two make for a hot read that is intense and fun. 

                                      Four Twinkling Stars 

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