Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mated to the Demon Prince by Sadie Sins

Series: Hell Cat, 1
Author: Sadie Sins
Publisher: Sadie Sins
Genre: MM, Paranormal, kinky sex, tentacle sex, M/M/M
Pages: 322
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Sean knows what those wicked, hellfire eyes want. Him, on his knees, taking every finger, tongue, tail, and tentacle.

This is what being corrupted by a demon feels like. It’s the only explanation. Sean’s not supposed to have fangs or know magic, damn it. And this bs where he’s horny and begging all the time? No, not freaking happening. He’s just a nerd—a hot, gay, totally panicky IT specialist—who needs to find a solution to his destroyed business, asap. He doesn’t have time for whatever weird this shapeshifting demon is into. Soot can’t just claim him whenever he wants, over and over again. He’s about to be homeless!

If Sean doesn’t save a witch from a dragon, it’s game over. But he’s changing, turning into someone he doesn’t recognize. He’s not sure if he can play hero, not even when Soot abducts TJ, Sean’s painfully straight crush, to the top of a tower full of witches, gargoyles, and one very pissed off dragon. TJ doesn’t know who to fear more, the demon prince or whatever it is Sean is turning into.

There has to be a way out. Stealing a 3 million dollar hellcat isn’t a binding contract to be a sex thrall, no matter how much his demon master disagrees. 

Mated to the Demon Prince by author Sadie Sins is the first book in the Hell Cat series.  I found this to be an original take on demons and the like.  There are some odd areas in this book well odd for me, but overall I really liked this story. It is fast paced, great character connection, and some hot as sin sex too, that kept me turning the pages wanting more.
In this world, there are demons, witches, familiars, and humans. It is a given that everyone accepts this well at least our characters do.
TJ is portrayed as the innocent character that Sean wants to desperately debauch.
Sean is a reserved stand-offish man who has a whole lot going on inside of him.
Throw in a demon and a well you get a trio that will keep you guessing as to what will happen next.  Oh yeah did I mention the witch? 
Well, when you want an original story that has plenty of heat and connection this is the book I recommend you pick up.

                            Five Shooting Stars 

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