Sunday, April 15, 2018

Fever Lust by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Series: Bond to Me, 1
Author: Lizzie Lynn Lee
Publisher: Lizzie Lynn Lee
Genre: MMM Paranormal
Pages: 78
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Joshua Smithe is the typical boy next door. He's got good looks. A steady job. Girlfriend. Well, an ex-girlfriend. And he certainly never thought he could ever swing the other way. No, sir. Straight guy in all his glory right here.

Until he meets the Shaezu twins. For the first time in his life, men make his cock hard. Well, those two men.

Arael and Drasen Shaezu are descendants of the Fallen. In order to achieve Enlightenment, their kind must bond with humans. When they come to Earth in search of their bond mate, they discover that Josh is the one. Now, all they need to do is convince Josh that two gorgeous, otherworldly, winged Fallen are better than one bitchy ex-girlfriend.

Fever Lust by Lizzie Lynn Lee is the first book in the Bond to Me series. I found this a very good intro to the series. There are still questions and I would love to read more. I liked the characters in this story too and I feel they have a lot of growth to do in upcoming books.
Arael and Drasen are decedents of the fallen.  They must bond with a human to achieve Enlightenment. They have come to Earth to find their bondmate.
I found both men to be well thought out, but I still have a ton of questions about them. I wanna know more.
Josh has been dumped by his girl.  He is at a wine tasting event because she had told him he was clueless and couldn’t even pick out a good wine for them.  He thought he could learn something and impress her. She was the daughter of the CEO he worked for.  She had been his first everything. But the twins they make him want like she never did.
I liked this one. Great fast paced romance with a twist.  I cannot wait for more from this original series and find out who falls in love next.

                            Four Twinkling Stars 

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