Monday, April 16, 2018

Fame F#$K*D by Marissa Holt

Author: Marissa Holt
Publisher: Marissa Holt
Genre: MM contemporary
Pages: 426
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Few people achieve both fame and love… even fewer can handle it…
Brian Hurst has taken care of his troubled sister for the past four years after their parent’s death. Now that she is starting college, he is ready to concentrate on his own life…a calmer life. That is until his Aunt Peggy persuades him to interview as a personal assistant for her newest client, Nash Jameson – a bad boy pop star, currently topping the billboard charts. Brian is reluctant to take a job working with the difficult singer, but the pay and the fact that Nash is absolutely gorgeous is too enticing. But Brian isn’t prepared for the flirtations, enormous ego, and underlying issues that come with Nash Jameson and his celebrity life. Trying to remain professional may prove to be too much.
Talent and good looks have brought Nash Jameson everything he thought he wanted – Fame. And that fame has come with an entitlement that Nash enjoys to the fullest, including both women and men. But when he lays eyes on Brian, all that changes. Brian is the only one Nash wants in his bed. But Nash also needs an assistant to help run his life that almost seems to be breaking apart at times. And Brian is the only glue holding it together.
When Nash and Brian realize their feelings for each other may run deeper than simply physical…Nash’s crazy life of fame, fans, and paparazzi could rip them apart.   If that happens…they’re both F#$k*d!
Fame F#$K*D is a 75,000 word M/M novel, steamy to scorching heat level and guaranteed HEA.

Fame F#$K*D by Marissa Holt is a fast-paced MM story. I was not a fan of the writing in this book. Just did not engage me. I suppose the story itself is okay.  Just not my favorite.
Nash is a pop star. He is discovering he is bisexual. He has a huge ego. I was okay with him.
Brian might be young, but he was had burdens beyond his years.  Him I loved he is a great character with a lot of layers.
Over all an okay story. It is written in dual POV. Sometimes makes this book feel disconnected but overall a good read.  Glad I read the story it was definitely okay.

                          Three Red Stars 

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