Sunday, April 8, 2018

confessions of pain by T.S. McKinney

Author: T.S. McKinney
Publisher: Painted Hearts Publishing
Genre: MM Contemporary,
Pages: 236
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Gabriel Maverick grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and held absolutely no hope of ever climbing out of the box his parents and society shoved him into. When small town gossip labeled him a failure, he believed it. All that changed, though, when he met Kelsey Morganston.

Kelsey Morganston not only grew up on the right side of the tracks, his family owned the tracks. To anybody on the outside looking in, Kelsey had it all. Small town society gently placed him into his box and failure wasn’t an option. All that changed though, when he met Gabriel Maverick.

Young love was immediate and forever. Suddenly, Gabriel felt like he could conquer the universe and Kelsey found an inner strength he hadn’t realized existed. In their small corner of the world with their desires hidden from everyone except each other, they believed their love was indestructible. They were mistaken. In one night, lies and misunderstandings destroy their love and forces Gabriel to run away from the town and Kelsey.

Ten years later, Gabriel is back and determined to exact revenge on the boy he used to love. Will hate blind him to what his heart tries telling him…or will love have a second chance?

Confessions of Pain by author T.S. McKinney is written in dual POV. I like that. I got to really sink into the characters thoughts and lives that way. I love the emotional connection in this book.  The very intense connection that makes me fall in love.
Gabriel and Kelsey have a complicated history.  Gabriel has come from the poor family and Kelsey from the rich.  When they are teenagers and find love, they are discovered, and Gabriel ends up running away.   His family doesn’t want him gay and the locals are gonna say he raped his love.
So, he works hard toward his revenge. He becomes successful but hardened.  He wants to make Kelsey pay and pay dearly.
Turns out Kelsey had nothing to do with what his family was doing. He is a good guy who never got over Gabriel. But this new man can he love him?  He might be the quiet, shy man now, but he refuses to be a part of revenge. Can he teach Gabriel to love again?
I liked watching these characters come full circle. There is a lot of emotions they both must go through. It is intense and full of love.  Overall a great love story that I really loved reading.

                    Five Shooting Stars 

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