Thursday, April 19, 2018

Blood and Bite by LL Brooks

Author:  LL Brooks
Publisher:  Painted Hearts Publishing
Genre: MM,MMM contemporary  Paranormal
Pages: 65
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
One man, shot, robbed, and left for dead. The poor soul who rescued him was dying, destitute, living on what little he could trap or grow, and the victim of brutal abuse. Jacob follows the scent of blood to find them both, and something extraordinary: a call to blood and bite with two, one a wolf bent on revenge, the other a human with a heart of gold.

As alpha, Jacob couldn’t leave his pack. With the position of beta already taken within the pack, Nathan couldn’t stay without conflict. The blood and bite between them would seal a bond, denying them Caleb’s love. If either mated with him, Caleb would be at the mercy of wolf prejudice against humans. A three way mating had never been heard of, and they were certain, if they were to succeed, the stress of a double change would kill Caleb. They could see only one choice: do what they could for Caleb, sacrificing their love for him and each other.

Can there ever be a future of any of them?

Blood and Bite by LL Brooks.  This was an interesting story.  I had some problems with it but overall it is a good read. There are holes in this story though. Feels slightly off.  I adore this author, so I kept reading. The story does iron itself out.  But you’re gonna have to have some patience.
There is a good connection between the characters.  Which is all important.  I think more world building would be helpful to that feeling of being lost.
Caleb finds a man bloodied on the side of road.  Poor he does not own a gun, he is bullied by the locals.  He has nothing. Really no food, no clothes nothing.
He does have a great heart. He is helpful even when it is a danger to himself.
Nathan, drinks rabbit blood to cure himself.  He is a strong shifter.
Jacob is an Alpha who sees new paranormal in his territory. He finds out that Nathan and Caleb are his mates. But how do you get a human to be mated with them? Specially with his circumstances.
This is where the story took a turn for me. The two shifters seem more suited than Caleb. He is more like the damsel in distress kinda character.
So, my overall is a good read, has a few problems but not so much I cannot recommend reading this one.

                                    Four Twinkling Stars

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