Sunday, April 15, 2018

Alpha Malik by Midika Crane

Author:  Alpha Series
Publisher: Midika Crane
Genre: MF paranormal
Pages: 185
Reviewer: Redz
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Publisher’s Blurb
Two girls from each Pack have been selected to represent themselves and their pack’s morals, to determine who is best suited for Alpha Malik.

After being kidnapped and abused by an unruly rogue organization, Aria is forced to enter a competition where the prize is a man who has given up all hopes of finding his mate.

Malik is known as the Alpha of Love, and now Aria must compete against girls from every Pack, for his attention. To save her own life, and his too, she must complete a mission that will force her into the Alpha's arms. However, a twist in the game will change everything.

Alpha Malik by Midika Crane is a fast-moving book that has really great characters. Very well written. I liked the over all arc of this story. Malik is intense, and I like that Aria is not a doormat she is a strong woman with her own mind.
Aria, she likes books. She bakes. She wants to find her perfect mate. Fall in love. She wants to be safe have a level-headed alpha. She has given up on finding a mate she now just wants safety.
When she finds the alpha is looking for a new Luna her best friend convinces her to try out. Aria is not sure alphas are for her though.
She ends up getting abducted. And she has to retrieve a necklace for her captures. She can walk free after that. If she refuses they will kill her family.
Malik likes that Aria does not cower to him. He likes her spunk. He doesn’t know she has another motive for being with him. But he finds himself falling for her.
This story kept me on the edge of my seating wanting to know what will happen next.  There is love, intrigue, a little suspense thrown in too.  A great read I would love to highly recommend.  

                                 Five Shooting Stars 

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