Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Adrian's Bodyguard by Shelby Rhodes

Series: Vampires of Vadin, 1
Author: Shelby Rhodes
Publisher: Siren Book strand
Genre: MM, Paranormal
Pages: 128
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Vampire King Adrian Bloodhart has faced many challenges in the thousands of years he's been reigning. However, he had thought he'd moved past the stage of his life that was littered with assassination attempts. And, as if the attacks weren't irritating enough, he finds himself saddled with a personal bodyguard he doesn't feel he needs or even wants.

When Xavier Dayden had agreed to guard King Adrian, he had expected to be guarding a mature adult, but what he got was a petulant child. Adrian is odd as hell and too sexy for Xavier's peace of mind. When Xavier finds his control slipping, he's conflicted. Giving in could lead to so much more than a one night stand, but was it worth the possible heartbreak?

The choice is made when tragedy strikes where it is least expected and, as Adrian's walls crack and fall, Xavier is there to pick up the pieces. Through the heartache, love is finally in their grasps.

Adrian’s Bodyguard by author Shelby Rhodes is the first in the Vampires of Vadin series. I want more! This is a fast-paced story with lots of layers and it just kept getting better and better as I went along.
Adrian is the king of Vadin.  He has a ton on his plate. He comes off as arrogant, sarcastic, little cool. But that hides the real passionate man beneath.
He is not keen on having a bodyguard.
Xavier is the bodyguard. He is observant, clever, speaks only when he has something to say.
This is a great first book. I felt it had some hiccups, Adrian at times was a tad too childlike for me.  But I get where the author was going in this book.  I think this series is worth exploring more and really has great potential to be amazing.  I would certainly love to read more and see what happens next.

                                         Five Shooting Stars 

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